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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Feb of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
24 Argentine Government's Refusal To "negotiate" Domestic Economic Growth Saluted By Business Leaders John Neagle
19 U.N. Economic Commission On Latin America Preliminary Report On Regional Export Performance For 1986 John Neagle
24 Argentina: Survey Results Show Public Concern Over Foreign Debt & Low Wages John Neagle
10 Paraguayan Business Owners Demand Legal Action Against Wheat Flour Contraband John Neagle
19 International Monetary Fund Releases Final Approval For Stand-by Credit & Compensatory Loan To Argentina John Neagle
05 Venezuelan Finance Minister Presents New Tactics In Negotiating Foreign Debt Rescheduling John Neagle
24 Colombia: Thousands Of Farm Workers & Smallholders Demonstrate, Demand Agrarian Reform, Public Services John Neagle
05 Developing Nations With Heavy Debt Burdens Should Receive Aid If Expected To Help Terminate International Drug Traffic John Neagle
12 Mexico: Consumer Prices In January Rise 8.3% John Neagle
19 Argentine Agriculture Minister Criticizes "irrationality" Of Foreign Creditors John Neagle
03 Brazil: Legislators Begin Drafting New Constitution John Neagle
24 Brazilian, Uruguayan & Bolivian Labor Confederations Sponsor Foreign Debt Conference Scheduled For May In Sao Paulo John Neagle
17 Chile: Sale Of Foreign Debt Paper In 1985 & 1986 John Neagle
03 Argentina: Consumer Price Level Inflation For January John Neagle
10 Ecuador: 1986 Inflation 25.5% John Neagle
12 Brazilian Government & Majority Party Blamed For Failure Of Cruzado Plan; Central Bank President Resigns John Neagle
10 Ecuadoran President Warns Protectionism & Low Raw Materials Prices Will Trigger Political Chaos John Neagle
19 Panama: Foreign Debt Payments To Absorb 51.2% Of 1987 National Budget John Neagle
03 Cuban Fish Catch For 1986 John Neagle
17 Costa Rica To Reduce Public Spending By $100 Million Per Year John Neagle
19 Bolivian Politicians Comment On U.S. Plans To Combat Drug Trade, Assessment Of Prospects To Eliminate Coca Production John Neagle
10 Argentine Economy Ministry Admits Failure To Overcome "structural Imbalances" In Fight Against Inflation John Neagle
24 Barbados: Gloomy Economic Outlook For 1987 John Neagle
17 Inter-american Development Bank Announces $137 Million In Credits To Be Received By Eight Latin American Nations John Neagle
10 David Rockefeller: Sustained Economic Growth Only Solution To Debtor Nations' Dilemma John Neagle
24 Notes On Declarations Of Support For Brazilian Decision To Suspend Interest Payments On Foreign Debt John Neagle
17 Brazilian Official Statistics Agency Reports Record Industrial Product Growth In 1986 John Neagle
17 Mexican President Issues Appeal To Private Sector Worried Over Delays In Disbursement Of Foreign Loans John Neagle
24 Notes On Latin American Nations' Foreign Debt, Year-end 1986 John Neagle
24 Poor Nations' Debt Reaches $1,080 Billion, 1% Increase Registered In 1986 John Neagle
10 Uruguayan Government Tightens Up Customs Operations In Response To Complaints About Argentine Contraband John Neagle
12 Two Recent Studies Argue Democracies Achieve Economic Growth Without Limiting Human Rights John Neagle
17 U.S. Will Urge Industrial Nations To Increase Strategic Oil Reserves; Reagan Requests Reduced Reserve Acquisition Rate John Neagle
24 Argentina: Conversion Of Foreign Debt Into Investment Capital Undesirable John Neagle
17 Chile: Positive Economic Outlook For 1987 John Neagle
19 Chilean Telephone Service To Be Partially Privatized John Neagle
24 Preliminary Outline Of Brazilian Requests In Negotiations With Foreign Bank Creditors John Neagle
10 Argentina: Catholic Church To Mediate In Conflict Between Government & General Labor Confederation John Neagle
10 Mexican Economic Crisis Exacerbates Inadequacy Of National Health Services John Neagle
17 Venezuelan President Requests Postponement Of Changes To Andean Pact Agreements John Neagle
05 U.S. Withholds $110 Million From U.N. In Fy 1987, $80 Million In Fy 1988; Takes Credit For Changes In Budgetary Process John Neagle
10 Argentina: Developmentalist Party Leader Denounces Government Mishandling Of Economic Policy John Neagle
03 Venezuelan Oil Reserves At 55,500 Million Barrels John Neagle
10 Negotiations On South Atlantic Conflict Initiated By Argentina Via Washington: Notes On Conflicting Reports John Neagle
05 British Exclusive Economic Zone Surrounding Malvinas Effective Feb. 1: Notes On Argentine Reaction John Neagle
19 British Petroleum Board President Says Opec Strategy Will Bring Oil Prices To $18 Per Barrel John Neagle
24 Brazil Suspends Interest Payments On Debt Contracted With Foreign Commercial Banks: Summary Of Developments John Neagle
24 U.S. Ambassador Supports Argentine Requests In Debt Restructuring John Neagle
12 Argentine President & Industrial Leader Address Prospects For Enhanced Competitiveness John Neagle
17 Argentine Legislator Says Banks' Refusal To Grant Buenos Aires Terms Similar To Mexico's Would Be "absurd & Inadmissible" John Neagle
19 Note On Expanding Trade Relations Between Soviet Union & Latin America John Neagle
19 Bolivia Establishes Diplomatic Relations With Vietnam John Neagle
19 Japanese Fishing Vessel Found In Violation Of Argentine Territorial Waters Fined $300,000 John Neagle
17 Brazil: Summary Of Recent Agreement With Paris Club John Neagle
17 Bolivian Planning Minister Skeptical About Argentine & Brazilian Interest In Natural Gas Imports John Neagle
12 U.S. Secretary Of Commerce Proposes Easing Export Controls John Neagle
17 Notes On Bolivian Foreign Debt, Economic Conditions John Neagle
03 Venezuelan Government Changes Tactics In Negotiations With Private Bank Creditors John Neagle
03 Argentina: Maritime Worker Union Leaders Withdraw From Affiliation With Ruling Party John Neagle
19 Notes On Opposition To Bolivian Government's Economic Policies, Official Reaction John Neagle
24 Colombian Political Party Coalition To Seek Broad Alliances In Support Of Foreign Debt Payment Moratorium John Neagle
19 Ecuadoran Government Fails To Make January Interest Payment On Foreign Debt John Neagle
05 Brazil: Sarney Government Threatened With Business Strike John Neagle
12 Argentine Labor Leaders Irritated With Official Evaluation Of Causes Of Inflation John Neagle
12 U.S. Protests Paraguayan Police Attack On Ambassador Taylor John Neagle
24 Latin American Reactions To Brazilian Interest Payment Suspension John Neagle
03 Bolivian Legislators Call On Cabinet To Negotiate With Organized Labor John Neagle
03 Argentina: Taxes Collected In January Up 25.8% Over 1986 John Neagle
17 Argentine Authorities Capture Japanese Fishing Vessel John Neagle
19 Note On U.S. Demands Regarding Brazilian Informatics Policy, Aircraft Imports John Neagle
24 Interest Payments To Be Suspended If Bank Creditors Reject Argentine Refinancing Requests John Neagle
12 Notes On Growth Of Mexican Public & Private Foreign Debt, Unparalleled Economic Adjustment Pains (s/s) John Neagle
19 Venezuelan Public School Teachers On Strike John Neagle
10 Soviet Official Tours Latin America; Preparations Underway For Visit By Mikhail Gorbachev John Neagle
05 Argentina: Cgt Organizes Debates With Politicians On National Economic Policy; Church Offers To Serve As Intermediary John Neagle
12 Venezuela Second Largest U.S. Oil Supplier John Neagle
24 Peruvian President Says There Are No Judges To Order Seizure Of Debtor Nations' Assets & Accounts John Neagle
17 President Of Zaire Arrives In Brazil For Official Visit; Swapo Leader & South African Bishop Tuto Expected Next Month John Neagle
03 Mexican Officials Reiterate Pledge To Cooperate In Stabilizing World Oil Market John Neagle
12 European Community Meetings In Guatemala City On Aid To Central America: Summary Of Statements & Events John Neagle
17 Notes On 1986 Honduran Economic Performance, 1987 Foreign Financing John Neagle
24 Brazilian Interest Payment Suspension: Reactions By U.S. Stock Exchange, Creditor Nation Bankers, U.S. Officials, Analysts John Neagle
19 Foreign Debt Of 14 Latin American Nations Totals $358.8 Billion At Year-end 1986 John Neagle
17 International Christian Democrat Leader Rejects Moratorium As Solution To Foreign Debt Problem John Neagle
24 Argentine Government Implements "emergency" Anti-inflation Program; 48-hour Bank Holiday Declared John Neagle
05 Volcker Says Trade Partners Must Open Markets Toward Easing U.S. Deficit & Developing Nations' Foreign Debt Problems John Neagle
03 Estimate Of Bolivian Export Revenue Losses Due To U.S. Sugar Quota Reduction John Neagle
24 Note On Caribbean Foreign Debt John Neagle
10 Bolivian Military Intervenes To Enforce Government Decisions On State Oil Company John Neagle
03 U.S. & Eec Narrowly Avert Trade War John Neagle
17 Argentina Begins Negotiations For Concessionary Terms & $2.15 Billion In New Loans With Private Bank Creditors John Neagle
05 National Academy Of Sciences Panel: President Reagan Should Ease U.S. Export Controls John Neagle
19 Note On Peruvian Government Job Creation Program John Neagle