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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Jan of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
22 U.S. Labor Unions Calls For Tough Trade Bill John Neagle
27 U.N. Organizations Sponsor Seminar To Examine Financial Resources For Development John Neagle
20 Guyana To Boost Output Of Gold & Diamonds John Neagle
27 Mexico: International Soccer Organization Announces Donation Of $1.3 Million To Replace Homes Destroyed In 1985 Earthquake John Neagle
13 Brazilian Economic Development Council Meets To Plan Economic Strategies For 1987 John Neagle
22 Notes On U.N. Officials' Position On Latin American Regional Economic Crisis John Neagle
20 Mexico Considering Reduction In Oil Output John Neagle
13 Argentina Not Interested In Talks With Britain Unless Issue Of Malvinas Sovereignty Included John Neagle
29 Spain & Cuba Develop Cooperation Programs For 1987 John Neagle
27 Argentina: Strike Organized By Cgt "paralyzes" National Economy John Neagle
22 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America Special Session: Regional Stagnation Continues, Priorities Outlined John Neagle
08 Brazil: 1986 Economic Forecasts Run From Desperation To Euphoria; Resignations Of Top Economic Planners Expected John Neagle
22 U.S. Government Imposes Ban On Brazilian Charter Flights John Neagle
08 Brazil: Another Round Of Price Increases Goes Into Effect John Neagle
08 U.S. Announces Reductions In Trade Preferences For Developing Nations John Neagle
20 Latin America Requires $100 Billion In Next Five Years To Achieve Economic Development Objectives John Neagle
13 Two Argentine Senators And British Mps Agree On Terms For Bilateral Talks John Neagle
20 Brazil: Debate On Implementing Changes In Economic Adjustment Program Continues John Neagle
08 Brazil: President Sarney Calls High-level Meeting On Economy; Another Official Resigns John Neagle
13 Argentina: Notes On Labor Demand For 1986, Month Of December John Neagle
27 U.S. Ambassador To Paraguay Criticized For Interfering In Domestic Affairs John Neagle
20 Peru: Uranium Mining Soon Underway In Puno John Neagle
22 Brazilian Communications Minister Arrives In Cuba To Inaugurate Direct Telephone Link John Neagle
13 Brazilian Court Bans Powdered Milk Contaminated By Residue From Chernobyl Accident John Neagle
27 Argentine Farmers Call For Immediate Changes In Economic Policy John Neagle
13 Argentina To Receive Over $3.8 Billion From Imf & World Bank John Neagle
20 Central Bank President: Brazil Will Not Resort To International Monetary Fund John Neagle
29 Cuba: Workers At Bottom Of Pay Scale Receive Wage Hike John Neagle
08 Argentina: Foreign Debt Reaches $50.3 Billion In 1986; Requests Delivered For Imf, Private Bank Loans John Neagle
29 Chilean National Workers Congress Pressures Government For Wage Hike John Neagle
08 1987 Venezuelan Budget Shows Marked Reduction In Oil Revenue Dependency; 1/3 For Public Foreign Debt Interest Payments John Neagle
20 Venezuelan Economists Skeptical About Efforts To Reschedule Debt Principal Payments John Neagle
13 Prices For Venezuelan Crude On The Upswing John Neagle
29 Cuba: Notes On Economic Conditions, New Government Policies John Neagle
27 Mexico: Estimate Of 1987-1988 Foreign Currency Revenues John Neagle
20 Argentine Economic Adjustment Program Under Attack John Neagle
13 Paraguayan Official Says National Labor Leaders Responsible For U.S. Economic Sanctions John Neagle
13 Uruguay: Export Price Declines Result In $300 Million Losses For 1986 John Neagle
22 U.S. Protests Venezuelan Purchase Of Argentine Wheat John Neagle
08 Reagan Requests 1987 Supplement From Congress For Foreign Affairs Budget; $19.073 Billion For Fy 1988 John Neagle
22 Brazilian State Oil Company Confirms Presence Of Large Deposits In Amazon Region John Neagle
08 U.S. Delegation Plans Fact-finding Mission To Determine Economic Benefits Of Caribbean Basin Initiative John Neagle
27 U.S. Secretary Of State: $19.9 Billion Fy Budget Request Contributes To World Economic & Political Stability John Neagle
29 Argentine Vice President Says Cgt National Strike Negative For "country's Interests" John Neagle
08 Venezuelan Officials Outraged By Remarks In U.S. Press Considered Damaging To Debt Restructuring Negotiations John Neagle
13 Brazilian Government Delivers Complaint Against U.S. Before Gatt In Vienna John Neagle
29 Argentine Labor Launches Campaign To Gain Broad-based Support For Alternatives To Alfonsin Government's Economic Policies John Neagle
13 U.S. Economic Embargos Imposed On Socialist Nations Extremely Costly John Neagle
22 Argentina: General Labor Confederation Organizes National Strike For Jan. 26 John Neagle
13 Brazil: Rio Bus Drivers Win Wage Hike; Bus Fares Increased John Neagle
08 Venezuelan Government Initiates Campaign To Inform International Financial Community On National Economic Health John Neagle
22 U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Says Debt Write-off Would Damage Debtor Nations Future Growth Potential John Neagle
27 Peruvian Government Extends State Of Emergency John Neagle
08 Argentina: 81.9% Inflation Rate For 1986 John Neagle
27 Brazilian Government To Announce New Changes In Economic Adjustment Program On Jan. 29 John Neagle
13 Brazil: Foreign Companies Send $1 Billion Abroad John Neagle
20 Argentina: Private Research Institute Predicts Net Productive Investment Decline In 1987 John Neagle
22 Bolivian Universities On Strike John Neagle
29 Bolivia Negotiates Natural Gas Exports To Brazil John Neagle
20 Soviet Union & Bulgaria To Begin Fishing Operations In Argentine Waters In February John Neagle
20 Chile: 2,600 Public School Teachers Dismissed John Neagle
27 Brazilian Foreign Minister Addresses World Division Of Labor, Foreign Debt & Economic Growth Issues John Neagle
13 British Firms Exhibit Increasing Interest In Bilateral Trade With Cuba John Neagle
29 World Bank To Finance Project For Moving Argentine Capital John Neagle
27 Joint Bulgarian-cuban Enterprises To Enter Latin American Computer Market John Neagle
20 World Bank President Addresses U.S. Protectionism, & Baker Plan Debt Initiative John Neagle
27 Cartagena Consensus Group Will Convene To Examine Joint Strategies For Coping With Foreign Debt John Neagle
13 Brazil Told Not To Expect Mexican Deal In Upcoming Debt Renegotiations John Neagle
29 Peruvian President Describes Basic Principles Of His Government's Foreign Policy John Neagle
29 Secretary Of State Shultz Defends $19.9 Billion Request For 1988 Fy Foreign Affairs Budget John Neagle
13 Brazil Purchases Italian Oto-malera Anti-tank Missiles, Establishes Technology Transfer Program John Neagle
27 Un Secretary General Calls For Drastic Action To Counter World Problems Of Hunger, Human Rights, Housing & Drug Use John Neagle
27 U.S. Ambassador To Oas: Restoration Of Latin American Economic Growth Essential John Neagle
27 New U.S. Ambassador To Mexico Assumes Conciliatory Posture John Neagle
27 Brazilian Trade Surplus For 1986 John Neagle
22 Dispute Between U.S. & European Community May Trigger Trade War John Neagle
29 Council Of Economic Advisers Annual Report: Effects Of Recession In Developing Nations On Us Trade Balance John Neagle
29 International Coffee Organization Reestablishes Quota System John Neagle
08 Brazilian Companies Negotiate Joint Enterprises In Orange Juice Processing & Distribution With Soviets John Neagle
13 Reagan Administration Plans To Cut Back Mexican Oil Imports By 53% John Neagle
27 Colombian Government Initiates Development Program Toward Realizing Permanent Cease-fire With Rebels John Neagle