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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Dec of 1986.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
02 Brazil: I.m.f. Not Convinced Of Positive Results Of Economic Adjustment Plan John Neagle
09 U.S. Plan For Aid To Debtor Nations Considered Inadequate By Public Officials, Bankers, Economists John Neagle
02 Earth Tremors In Northeast Brazil John Neagle
04 Brazilian Labor Groups Declare Nationwide Strike For Dec. 12; Workers & Politicians Demand Changes In Debt Payment Policy John Neagle
04 Notes On Brazilian Foreign Minister's African Tour John Neagle
09 Argentine-brazilian Economic Integration Accords In Final Phase; Uruguay Participates In Common Market Initiative John Neagle
02 Venezuela: Payments On Public Foreign Debt, Nov.-dec. 1986 John Neagle
09 U.N. General Assembly Resolution Calls For Increased International Cooperation Toward Resolving Debt Crisis John Neagle
02 Brazil: Sarney Government Under Fire For Price Increases On Consumer Goods And Services John Neagle
23 Argentina: Agricultural Organizations Warn Continued Income Squeeze Will Decimate Agro-industries John Neagle
16 Haiti: Primary School Teachers Strike John Neagle
16 Cuba Currently Negotiating With Foreign Creditor Banks; Request For $300 Million In New Credits Denied John Neagle
04 Cuba Receives $1.6 Million In Development Aid From U.N. Agencies John Neagle
02 Chilean Foreign Debt Reduced By Transforming Debt Instruments Into Investment Capital John Neagle
18 U.S. Foreign Military Sales Program To Be Restructured; Foreign Aid Appropriations Considered Inadequate John Neagle
02 On Mexican Trade With Japan & China John Neagle
23 Reduction In U.S. Sugar Quota "devastating" For Latin American Exporters; Announcement Causes Reduction In Price Quotations John Neagle
02 Latin American Coffee Exporters Meet In Bogota To Discuss Strategies For Preventing World Market Price Fluctuations John Neagle
16 Venezuela: Notes On Balance Of Payments, January-september 1986 John Neagle
04 Mexican Foreign Debt Payment, Jan.-sept. 1986 John Neagle
04 Mexico & Japan Finalize Cooperation Agreement In Industrial Research & Technology John Neagle
23 Argentina: Workers Protest State Administrative Reform John Neagle
16 Argentina: "humanist Movement" Formed To Mobilize National Discussion On Foreign Debt Payment Suspension John Neagle
02 Argentine Government Introduces Public Sector Reforms Affecting State Bureaucracy, State-owned Companies John Neagle
16 Regional Political Party Conference Says Foreign Debt Unpayable John Neagle
16 Argentina & Brazil Approve Final Drafts Of 20 Economic Integration Agreements John Neagle
02 Bolivia To Receive $100 Million Loan From Inter-american Development Bank John Neagle
04 Note On Latin American Fish Production John Neagle
02 United Nations Sponsors Regional Conferences On Declining Living Standards, Economic Development John Neagle
09 Argentina: U.S. Threatens Trade Reprisals Unless Import Restrictions On High Tech Imports Removed John Neagle
23 Ecla To Sponsor January Conference On Foreign Debt In Mexico City John Neagle
23 Trinidad & Tobago: National Alliance For Reconstruction Wins General Elections For First Time In 30 Years John Neagle
23 Argentina: Heads Of Postal Service And State Oil Company Resign John Neagle
09 Bolivia: Poverty & Unemployment Declared Violations Of Human Rights John Neagle
16 New U.S. Sugar Quotas To Result In Huge Losses For Latin American Producers (s/s) John Neagle
16 Brazil To Continue $12 Billion Annual Interest Payments Only If Creditors Meet Demands John Neagle
02 Latin American Trade Surplus With Eec, 1985 John Neagle
18 Dominican Republic: Dismay Over Drastic Reduction In Sugar Quota To U.S. Market John Neagle
09 Venezuelan Government Announces New Economic Package; Storm Of Protest By Politicians, Workers, Economists John Neagle
16 Colombia: Foreign Oil Companies Limited To Repatriation Of 75% Of Profits John Neagle
02 Mexican Government Implements Economic Recovery Policies: New Public Investments, Elimination Of Subsidies John Neagle
04 Brazil: 218 Persons Killed In Land Conflicts John Neagle
23 Uruguay: Report On Economic Performance John Neagle
02 Notes On Brazilian Foreign Debt John Neagle
02 Brazil: Price Inflation Escalates John Neagle
09 Uruguay & Argentina Negotiate Fishing Agreement; 200-mile Exclusive Zone Declared By Britain Ignored John Neagle
18 Ida Budget Set At $12.46 Billion; U.S. Voting Share Declines, But Veto Power Likely Retained John Neagle
23 Argentina: Notes On Privatization Of State Companies John Neagle
02 Argentina To Receive $75 Million Loan From Inter-american Development Bank John Neagle
04 Argentine State Oil Company Announces Joint Venture With Occidental Petroleum & National Firm John Neagle
23 Peruvian Economy Minister: Imf Only "ineligible" Entity In Latin America John Neagle
02 Regional Investment In Iron & Steel, 1976 Vis-a-vis 1984 John Neagle
16 Venezuela: Per Capita Consumption From 1981 To 1985 Dropped 18% John Neagle
23 Chile: Reactions To World Bank Loan Approval John Neagle
23 Mexican Politicians Reaffirm Foreign Policy Principles John Neagle
23 Colombia: Director Of "el Espectador" Daily Murdered; Wave Of Violence Includes Assassinations Of Political Leaders John Neagle
02 Brazil: Polonoroeste Development Project Target Of Worldwide Criticism John Neagle
04 Argentina & Cuba Examine Possibilities For Joint Production/export Of Pharmaceuticals John Neagle
18 Argentina: Central Bank President Addresses 1986 Inflation, Investment & Output Levels John Neagle
18 Mexico: Notes On Economic Performance, Prospects For 1987 John Neagle
23 Price Of Ecuadoran Crude Declines John Neagle
04 Regional Market System For Latin American Oil Producers Proposed John Neagle
04 Uruguay: Oil Prospecting Activities In Atlantic Coastal Waters Soon Underway John Neagle
04 Cuban Sugar Exports To Capitalist Nations In 1987 To Be Reduced John Neagle
02 Argentine Officials In Washington To Negotiate $1.2 Million In Imf Stand-by Credits John Neagle
16 Venezuela: Renegotiation Of Public Sector Debt Continues John Neagle
23 Peru: Rebels Initiate New Wave Of Violence John Neagle
04 Incoming Chair Of Senate Finance Committee Says Bill To Make Gatt Work Needed, Not Protectionist Measures John Neagle
09 Mexico: Trade Agreements Signed With China John Neagle
09 Brazil: Notes On Largest U.S. Creditor Banks John Neagle
23 Argentina: State Gas Company To Publish Balance Sheets Via Buenos Aires Stock Exchange John Neagle
02 Colombia: Ceiling Raised For Foreign Control In Private Financial System John Neagle
23 Ecuador: Non-oil Export Revenues Exceed Oil Income In 1986 For First Time In Many Years John Neagle
23 Argentina: Report On Economic Indicators, Third Quarter 1986 John Neagle
04 Peru $630 Million Behind In Interest Payments To Private Banks; Hopes To Substitute Cash Payments With Goods John Neagle
04 Global Agricultural Market Expansion Expected In Late 1980s John Neagle
16 Mexico: Economic Indicator Notes John Neagle
18 Cuba: Water Shortage Continues John Neagle
09 Treasury Secretary Defends U.S. Strategy For Relief To Debtor Nations John Neagle
23 Ecuadoran Government Plans To Capitalize 1.2% Of Foreign Debt In 1987 John Neagle
04 Andean Development Corporation To Sponsor New Banking Facilities For Regional Trade Projects John Neagle
18 Uruguay: Agreement Between Major Political Parties On Military Human Violations Imminent John Neagle
04 Large Peruvian Oil Reserves: Asset For Improving Trade Balance, Making Debt Interest Payments John Neagle
23 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America (ecla) Issues Preliminary Report On Region's 1986 Economic Performance John Neagle
16 Foreign Banks Acquire Majority Stake In Mexico's Largest Private Company John Neagle
16 Argentina: Price Increases Authorized For 60 Consumer Goods John Neagle
23 Brazil: Sarney Government Seeks Truce With Labor Unions To Strengthen Position Vis-a-vis Foreign Creditors John Neagle
02 Bolivia: Report On Industrial Sector Fortunes, October 1986 John Neagle
23 Mexico: World Bank Affiliate Contributes $1.5 Million To Expansion Of Food Processing Company John Neagle
02 Colombian Coffee Exports Suspended For Remainder Of 1986 John Neagle
16 Brazil May Pariticipate In Soviet Mars Spaceship Project John Neagle
16 E.c.l.a. Reports Chilean Economic Recovery Consolidated In First Half Of 1986 John Neagle
16 While Cuban State Continues Providing Social Welfare To All Citizens, Economy In Serious Trouble John Neagle