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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Nov of 1986.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
04 Mexican Finance Minister Addresses 1987 Fiscal Reforms John Neagle
06 Argentina Requests Special Hearing By O.a.s.; Notes On Latin American Support In Conflict With Britain John Neagle
18 Peru: Ruling Party Wins In General Elections; Political Opposition Challenges Election Results John Neagle
11 Nicaragua Loses Eligibility To Export Meat To U.S. John Neagle
20 New Council Created To Assist Latin American Democracies; Potential Issues Include Foreign Debt Problem John Neagle
11 O.a.s. Considers Resolution On British Decision To Extend Exclusive Economic Zone Surrounding Malvinas John Neagle
25 Venezuela: Poll Results Show High Levels Of Un- & Underemployment John Neagle
14 Contadora Completes Resolution For Approval Of O.a.s. General Assembly John Neagle
13 Mexican Central Bank Study Indicates Foreign Reserves Higher Than Expected John Neagle
20 Cuba: Foreign Debt Negotiation Round Underway In Paris John Neagle
11 Andean Pact Nations May Consider Formation Of Political Front John Neagle
25 European Economic Community Studies Mechanisms For Trade Expansion With Latin America John Neagle
14 Secretary Shultz: U.S. Wants To Avoid East-west Turmoil In Cenam; Nicaragua Losing Support In Latin America John Neagle
11 Notes On Parameters Of Cuban Economic Adjustment Process John Neagle
04 Mexican Congress Approves Protest Against U.S. Anti-drug Legislation John Neagle
25 Argentina: Structural Reform Plan For Public Sector To Be Announced In Near Future John Neagle
06 Scandal In Peru: 230 Prisoners Held On Drug Trafficking Charges Escape John Neagle
18 Argentina: Wage Demands By Public Hospital Employees Not Yet Resolved; Unions Threaten Another Six-day Strike John Neagle
14 Notes On Future Senate Challenge To Reagan Administration Support Of Nicaraguan Contras John Neagle
18 Venezuelan Foreign Minister Arrives In Mexico City To Discuss Effects Of U.S. Oil Import Fee John Neagle
04 Argentine Business Leaders Assured Interest Rate Reductions To Be Consolidated; Emergency Tax Measure Not On Horizon John Neagle
25 Attempt To Reactivate Andean Pact: Five Presidents Agree To Meet In January John Neagle
06 Notes On Critique Of Mexican Economic Policy By World Bank Director John Neagle
06 Peruvian President Says Malvinas Conflict May Distract Attention From Perceived Danger Of U.S. Invasion Of Nicaragua John Neagle
06 Peru: Public School Teachers, State Transportation & Communications Workers On Strike John Neagle
04 Argentina: Public Health Employee Unions Agree To Truce In Hopes Government Will Initiate Salary Negotiations John Neagle
14 Panamanian Cabinet To Be Reshuffled John Neagle
14 International Development Agencies Opposed To Central American Economic Integration John Neagle
25 Argentine Trade Union Confederation To Renew Pressure For Wage Increases John Neagle
18 U.S. Banks Transfer Increasing Number Of Latin American Loans To Non-performing Status John Neagle
04 Argentine Government Called On To Freeze British Assets John Neagle
04 Argentine Senate Approves Ratification Of Fishing Agreements With Soviet Union & Bulgaria John Neagle
18 Peruvian Economy Showing Definite Signs Of Improvement John Neagle
14 Salvadoran University Students Demonstrate Against Regime & U.S. Interference During Presidential Visit John Neagle
13 Survey Report On Investment Plans By Argentine Industrialists John Neagle
04 Colombian Government Approves $300 Million Rural Development Program Toward Reintegration Of Guerrillas In National Life John Neagle
20 Despite Good Prospects For Reduction Of U.S. Trade Deficit, Protectionist Pressures On The Upswing John Neagle
11 Brazil: Notes On Nov. 16 General Elections John Neagle
25 World Bank Approves $250 Million In Loans For Chile; U.S. Abstains From Vote John Neagle
20 Brief On Carribean Agricultural Imports To U.S., 1985 John Neagle
18 Brazilian Vote Count Continues; Media Reports Pmdb Likely Victor In 20 Of 23 Gubernatorial Races John Neagle
25 U.S. Non-petroleum Imports From Caribbean Basin Initiative (cbi) Nations, First Half Of 1986 John Neagle
18 Foreign Minister Blames Soviet Union For Crisis In Chile John Neagle
11 U.S. Imports Of Latin American Goods Declining Since 1983 John Neagle
18 Cuban Government Agrees To Pay $4o Million In Compensation Payments For 1959 Nationalization Of Spanish Assets John Neagle
18 Brazil: Fund Created For Foreign Purchase Of Stocks In Domestic Companies John Neagle
20 President Of Dominican Republic: Protectionism Is "stone Age Economics" John Neagle
18 Senior Mexican Administration Official Says Domestic Economic Situation Could Not Be Worse John Neagle
25 Bolivian Government Reform Plan For State Mining Company To Proceed Despite Labor & Political Opposition John Neagle
11 Brazilian Trade Delegation Arrives In Cuba To Begin Planning For Expansion Of Bilateral Trade Relations John Neagle
20 Brazil Surpasses Japan On Import Restrictions John Neagle
25 Bolivia: Report On Private Firm Closings & Start-ups Since August 1985 John Neagle
18 Mexicans Pessimistic About Domestic Problems John Neagle
13 U.S. Oil Import Fee Likely To Provoke Retaliation From Trade Partners Says Pemex Director John Neagle
20 U.S. International Trade Administration Rules On Cases Of Brazilian Orange Juice Concentrate & Crankshaft Imports John Neagle
11 Spanish President Visits Ecuador; Changes In Bilateral Balance Of Payments Favoring Ecuador Expected John Neagle
18 Brazil: Despite High Growth Rate, Foreign Capital Flight On The Upswing John Neagle
25 Notes On Argentine Federal Deficit For Third Quarter 1986 John Neagle
13 Argentina: Fishing Agreements With Spain, Poland & Japan To Be Concluded Within Next Three Months John Neagle
04 Argentina: Trade Expansion With Guyana Likely John Neagle
20 Britain Rejects Argentine Proposal For Negotiations On Malvinas Conflict; Buenos Aires Scores Victory In United Nations John Neagle
13 I.m.f. Delivers Policy Recommendations To Venezuelan Government John Neagle
13 O.a.s. Permanent Council Approves Resolution Calling For Peaceful Settlement Of British-argentine Dispute Over Malvinas John Neagle
14 Guatemalan Political Party Claims Armed Forces Providing Training & Logistical Support For Nicaraguan Contras John Neagle
06 Argentina: Strike By Public Hospital Employees Continues John Neagle
25 Brazilian Bishops Conference Addresses Infant Mortality John Neagle
04 Comment On Movement Toward Latin American Economic Integration John Neagle
18 Notes On Mexican Investment Levels John Neagle
04 Argentina: Transportation Fares Increased John Neagle
20 Guayana: Cooperation Agreements With Venezuela Signed John Neagle
25 Argentine Politicians Accuse Washington Of Supporting British Move To Extend Fishing Zone Before Decision Announced John Neagle
13 Venezuela: Catholic Leader Says Needs Of 2.5 Million Un- & Underemployed Must Be Met To Forestall Revolution John Neagle
11 Argentina: Consumer Price Inflation 2.0% For First Week Of November John Neagle
20 U.S. Efforts To Reduce Agricultural Subsidies Via Gatt Will Benefit Caribbean Nations' Attempts To Expand Exports John Neagle
18 Argentina: Italy & West Germany Re-open Export Credit Lines John Neagle
18 Note On Chilean Income Distribution John Neagle
25 Brazilian Government Announces Changes In Economic Adjustment Program John Neagle
25 Argentine Economic Adjustment Plan Declared A Success Despite Unprecedented World Market Squeeze John Neagle
13 Non-aligned Nations Meet In Peru To Debate Foreign Debt Issue John Neagle
11 Capital Flight Responsible For Large Part Of Latin American Foreign Debt John Neagle
14 Review: Low Intensity Conflict (lic), The New Battlefield In Central America, By Tom Barry John Neagle
04 Argentine, Brazilian & Uruguayan Ministers Issue Statement On British Exclusive Rights To Malvinas Territorial Waters John Neagle
18 Venezuelan Government To Undertake Exchange Rate Reform John Neagle
11 Latin American Energy Organization (olade) Blasts U.S. Oil Import Tax, Industrialized Nation Protectionism John Neagle
18 Argentina: Students Demonstrate Against Police Action, Demand Funding Increase For Education Budget John Neagle
04 Demographic Study Highlights Problems Of Venezuelan Youth John Neagle
18 U.S. Tax Reform Increases Tax Liability Of Latin American Bank Subsidiaries John Neagle
14 Salvadoran Rebels' Use Of Land Mines Likely To Continue John Neagle
20 Progress & Problems In Caribbean Basin Initiative Noted By U.S. Government Officials John Neagle
11 New Tariff Imposed On U.S. Flower Imports From Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, & Ecuador John Neagle
20 Argentine President: Industrialized Nation Protectionism Threatens Latin American Democracies John Neagle
11 Venezuelan Hydroelectric Dam Project To Supply 75% Of National Electricity Consumption Towards Boosting Oil Exports John Neagle
18 Third World Debtor Nations Release Statement On Joint Positions John Neagle
18 Argentine Business Leaders Express Preference For Focus On Domestic Market Expansion Vis-a-vis Exports John Neagle
20 Brazilian Restrictions On Computer Imports Described As "unreasonable"; U.S. Retaliation Postponed To Year-end John Neagle
06 Colombia: Barco Administration Introduces Most Serious Agrarian Reform Legislation In 25 Years John Neagle
04 Uruguayan-cuban Trade Up Nearly $2 Million Since Last Year John Neagle
14 Salvadoran Human Rights Commission: Synopsis Of October Report John Neagle
25 Regional Fishery Commission Creates Organization To Promote Tuna Fish Industry John Neagle
20 Costa Rican Trade Minister Says U.S. Protectionism Debilitating Caribbean Basin Initiative John Neagle
18 Mexico: Japanese Discover Rich Mineral Deposits Off Coast Of Acapulco John Neagle
14 Report Distributed In U.N. General Assembly Claims Salvadoran Government Making Significant Progress In Human Rights John Neagle
13 Notes On Bankers' Credit Ratings For Latin American Nations (s/s) John Neagle
11 Latin American Political Leaders To Participate In Meeting On Democracy Nov. 17-18 Hosted By Former Presidents Carter & Ford John Neagle
04 Brazil: Trade Balance For Jan.-aug. 1986 John Neagle