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The following articles were published in NotiSur in Oct of 1986.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
09 Argentina: Three New Oil Prospecting And Exploration Contracts With Australian Bhp Petroleum Finalized John Neagle
16 Argentina: Survey Results Show That Average Working Class Household Subsistence Costs Increase 5.3% In October John Neagle
02 Note On Costa Rican Debt John Neagle
21 Mexican Fish Harvest Increasing At 8% Per Year John Neagle
07 Sale Of Chilean Debt Bonds Represents Substantial Savings To Foreign Investors John Neagle
07 Argentina: Thousands Of Public Sector Employees Stage Massive Demonstration In Buenos Aires John Neagle
28 Haiti To Be Readmitted Into San Jose Agreement Offered By Mexico & Venezuela After Five-year Exclusion John Neagle
02 Note On Illiteracy John Neagle
07 U.N. Economic Commission For Latin America: Highlights Of Recent Report On Argentine Economy John Neagle
07 Ecuador: Jan.-sept. Inflation Totals 23.93% John Neagle
28 Effects Of Debt Burden On Regional Food Crisis Discussed At Inter-american Agriculture Council Meeting John Neagle
02 Argentine Economy Minister: Further Sacrifices By Debtor Nations Not Possible, Industrialized Nation Policy Changes Required John Neagle
28 Regional Summit Of Oil-exporting Nations Likely In Wake Of U.S. Congressional Approval Of Oil Import Tax John Neagle
07 International Finance Corporation Approves $366 Million For Latin American Private Sector Investments John Neagle
16 Brazilian Sugar Output To Decline By 2.5 Million Tons, Affecting Exports And Fuel Alcohol Production John Neagle
21 Peruvian President Calls For Creation Of Latin American & Caribbean States Organization John Neagle
16 U.S. Troops To Leave Bolivia Before Deadline; Anti-drug Operations Considered Largely Unsuccessful John Neagle
21 Argentine Public School Teachers Announce Oct. 29 Strike John Neagle
07 Venezuelan Government Leads Multilateral Action To Protest U.S. Oil Import Tax John Neagle
07 Argentina: 8% August Inflation Rate Highest Since Introduction Of Austral Plan John Neagle
14 Argentine Teachers Union Plans Strike John Neagle
28 Mexico: 21.2% Minimum Wage Increase Effective October 21 John Neagle
14 Algerian President Visits Argentina; Expanded Bilateral Trade Expected John Neagle
21 Comments On Cuba's Food Rationing System, Favorite Target Of Foreign Critics John Neagle
16 Approval Of Helms Amendment To Drug Enforcement Bill Would Sanction U.S. Trade Partners For Purchasing Cuban Sugar John Neagle
07 World Bank Report: Latin American Economic Growth Depends On Access To External Financial Resources John Neagle
30 U.S. Foreign Aid Spending For Fy1987 Reduced By $1.15 Billion John Neagle
21 Argentina To Request Price Reduction On Imports Of Bolivian Natural Gas John Neagle
16 Argentine Economy Ministry Reports Increased Manufacturing Activity In July-august John Neagle
21 200,000 Cubans Welcome Argentine President To Havana; Trade Relations Expansion Expected John Neagle
07 Annual I.m.f. Report: Latin American Debt In Proportion To Exports Increases In 1985 John Neagle
14 Brazilian Agrarian Reform Program Far Behind Schedule On First Anniversary John Neagle
28 Cuba: Notes On Preparations For Trade Expansion With Mexico, Brazil & Uruguay John Neagle
09 Joint Annual Imf-world Bank Meeting: U.S., West Germany & Japan Continue In Disagreement, Developing Nations Unsatisfied John Neagle
30 Report On Venezuelan Oil Exports & Prices For 1986 John Neagle
30 Notes On Argentine Labor Conflicts, Oct. 14-30 John Neagle
07 Venezuela: Politicians Concerned About Increasing Incidence Of Poverty John Neagle
07 Mexican Government To Host Summit In 1987 Toward New Development Strategy For Region John Neagle
02 Mexico: Mid-october Minimum Wage Increase Third This Year John Neagle
30 Mexican Foreign Minister Comments On Inadequacy Of Industrialized Nations' Approach To Debt Crisis John Neagle
09 Funding For World Bank's International Development Association (ida) To Increase $11.5 Billion In Three-year Period John Neagle
14 Argentine Officials Worried By Negative Impact Of Spanish Commitments To Eec On Bilateral Trade Relations John Neagle
21 New Bolivian Currency Ratified By National Congress; "condor" To Be Introduced In January, 1987 John Neagle
16 Peru: Public Employees On Strike, University Professors Threaten Indefinite General Strike John Neagle
30 Bargain Basement Deals In Sales Of Latin American Debt John Neagle
14 Spanish Government Promises Trade Expansion With Venezuela; Trade Unions Support Political Approach To Debt Problem John Neagle
28 Brazilian & Argentine Officials Discuss Food Commodity Exchange Under Common Market Program John Neagle
07 Argentina Hosts Legislators Conference; President Alfonsin Says New Forms Of Dependence Threaten World Order John Neagle
07 Venezuela Reschedules $21 Billion Public Sector Foreign Debt John Neagle
02 Note On Guatemalan Debt, Foreign Reserves John Neagle
02 Peruvian Prime Minister: Debt Payments Will Be Further Reduced In Line With Payment Capacity John Neagle
09 Secretary Of State Shultz: Move Toward Privatization In Latin America Complements Democratization Process John Neagle
28 U.S. Chemical And Pharmaceutical Firms Engage In Actions To Convince Brasilia To Repeal Computer Protectionist Legislation John Neagle
14 Venezuelan Senate Issues Statement Condemning U.S. Oil Import Tax; Calls For Meetings To Combat Protectionism John Neagle
30 Mexico: Cost Of Living Increases Since February John Neagle
21 Argentina: Former Central Bank Director Says Foreign Debt Negotiations Must Allow Annual Economic Growth Of 5% John Neagle
02 Brazil Seeks Refinancing Of $31.5 Billion, Reduction Of Debt Service Payments From 4.5% To 2.5% Of Gdp John Neagle
02 Mexican Government And Creditor Bank Committee Arrive At Tentative Agreement On $77.75 Billion Financing Package John Neagle
16 Mexican Foreign Debt To Reach $108 Billion In 1987 John Neagle
02 Reagan Calls On Trade Partners To Implement Growth Policies, Banks To Support Structural Reforms Of Debtor Nations John Neagle
28 Process For Expansion Of Mexican- Argentine Relations Continues John Neagle
30 Swiss Banks Reduce Lending To Latin America John Neagle
14 Argentine Agrarian Federation Demands Immediate Government Financial Aid John Neagle
07 Inter-american Dialogue Presents Alternative To U.S. Baker Plan For Relief To Debtor Nations John Neagle
30 Brazil: Problems Continue With Angra 1 Nuclear Reactor John Neagle
16 Soviet Union To Expand Grain Purchases From Argentina, Proposes Joint Ventures With Private Sector John Neagle
14 Argentine General Labor Confederation Organizes National Strike To Protest Salaries And Government Economic Policies John Neagle
09 Underemployment Major Problem In Latin America; Excess Labor Supply A Misnomer In Explaining High Unemployment John Neagle
30 Latin American Oil Producers Plan Response To U.S. Oil Import Tax John Neagle
28 Costa Rica: Caught Between Sacrifices Imposed By Foreign Debt Burden & U.S. Pressure To Oppose Nicaragua John Neagle
14 1987 Venezuelan Draft Budget Introduced; 51% Increase Over 1986 Does Not Contribute To Economic Recovery John Neagle
09 Failure To Implement Agrarian Reform Seen As Major Threat To Democratization Process In Brazil John Neagle
07 Cuban Tobacco Sales To China Resumed John Neagle
30 I.m.f. Reports On Latin American Inflation John Neagle
21 Argentina: Hospital Employees Demand Salary Increases, Formulate Action Plan Containing Series Of Strikes John Neagle
30 Vatican To Issue Document In Support Of Debt Payment Moratorium John Neagle
30 President Alfonsin Receives Evaluation Of Argentine Economy & Policy Prescriptions From Noted Japanese Economist John Neagle
09 Federal Reserve Chairman: Protectionism No Answer To U.S. Trade Deficit; Developing Nation Economic Outlook Improving John Neagle
28 Ecuadoran Exports Down $400 Million From 1985 John Neagle
14 Latin American Economic System (sela) Members Meet To Discuss Strategies For Coping With Regional Economic Crisis John Neagle
28 Notes On Illiteracy Rates Of Venezuelan Rural Population John Neagle
07 Cuban Tourism Institute Expects 365,000 Tourists Per Year By 1990 John Neagle
30 Note On Layoffs Of Mining Workers John Neagle
09 Study By U.S., Brazilian & Mexican Institutions Emphasizes Role Of Privatization And Exports In Resumption Of Economic Growth John Neagle
14 Uruguayan & Algerian Presidents Issue Joint Communique On Debt Crisis John Neagle
30 Argentine & Peruvian Currencies Devalued; Brazilian Devaluation Expected By Mid-december John Neagle
07 Summary Of Ecla 1985 Economic Report On Venezuela John Neagle
28 Changes In Brazilian Economic Adjustment Plan Announced John Neagle
02 Colombian President Says Commercial Banks Must Contribute To Financing Of Growth-oriented Programs In Developing Nations John Neagle
30 Note On Chilean Privatization John Neagle
28 Notes On Cuban Demographic & Labor Force Growth John Neagle
16 Argentine Public Revenues In September At Five-year High John Neagle
09 Latin American & Caribbean Sugar Producers Meet In Brazil; Protectionism Considered Major Explanation Of Low Prices John Neagle
16 Cuba To Graduate 3,200 Physicians In 1988; 3,500 Annually By 1990 John Neagle
02 Summary Of Argentine Debt Payment Capacity John Neagle
07 1.2 Million Ecuadoran Children Homeless John Neagle
07 Notes: 1985 Financial Report On Mexican State Oil Company John Neagle
14 Argentine Congress Debates Privatization Legislation; 29 State Corporations Excluded From Blanket Measures John Neagle
21 Plans Underway For New International Sugar Agreement; Brazil & Cuba To Represent Regional Producers At London Meeting John Neagle