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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jan of 2002.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
10 Haiti: Opposition Says Government Faked Attack On National Palace For Political Purposes Robert Sandals
31 Honduras: Ricardo Maduro Takes Over Presidency Vowing To Carry Out A Transformation Of The Country Robert Sandals
31 Panama: Accusations Of Massive Bribery In Legislative Assembly Start National Furor Over Corruption Robert Sandals
17 Cuba: President George W. Bush Makes Recess Appointment Of Otto Reich To State Department Robert Sandals
24 Cuba: World Trade Organization Appellate Body Fails To Settle Havana Club Dispute In Recent Ruling Robert Sandals
24 Guatemala: President Alfonso Portillo Denies There Is An Economic Crisis But Acknowledges Hunger & Corruption Robert Sandals
10 Costa Rica: Partido De Liberacion Nacional Could Lose More Than Election Because Of Heavy Borrowing To Finance Campaign Robert Sandals
31 Region's Presidents Exuberant About Proposal By President George W. Bush For Free-trade Pact With U.S. Robert Sandals
10 Nicaragua: Judge Throws Out Sexual-abuse Case Against Daniel Ortega Brought By Stepdaughter Zoilamerica Narvaez Murillo Robert Sandals
17 Nicaragua: Outgoing President Arnoldo Aleman Seeks Leadership Role In Legislature, Defying New President Enrique Bolanos Robert Sandals