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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Aug of 2000.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
03 Panama Is Campaigning To Get Off Lists Of Money-laundering Countries Robert Sandals
04 Cuba Reestablishes Its Credit With Several Nations Through Foreign-debt Negotiations Robert Sandals
10 Region: Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo Starts Furor With Proposal To Dissolve Central American Parliament Robert Sandals
31 Honduras: Police Undergoing Purge As Crime Rate Soars Robert Sandals
03 Nicaragua: Government & Donor Countries Are In Conflict Regarding Transparency & Upcoming Elections Robert Sandals
10 Nicaragua: U.S. Gives Waiver In Confiscation Controversy, Avoiding Aid Cutoff Robert Sandals
04 House Vote Would Paralyze Embargo & Travel Ban Robert Sandals
03 Guatemala: President Alfonso Portillo's Popularity Fades After Six Months In Office Robert Sandals
24 Nicaragua: Bill To Declare President Arnoldo Aleman Mentally Unfit & Oust Him Heads For Legislature Robert Sandals
24 Panama Rejects Special Status For U.S. Military But Will Cooperate With Plan Colombia Anti-drug Program Robert Sandals
31 Cuba-mexico Relations Undergoing A Shift Robert Sandals
10 Panama: President Mireya Moscoso Signs Bill Allowing Government To Dip Into Restricted Development Fund Robert Sandals
31 Region: Presidents Sign Iv Tuxtla Accord Robert Sandals
24 Dominican Republic: Hipolito Mejia Takes Over As President Robert Sandals
04 Cuban Government Focuses On Ending Us Immigration Policy Robert Sandals