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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jul of 2000.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
20 El Salvador: Legislature Ratifies Anti-drug Pact With U.S. Robert Sandals
10 Sugar Harvest Up Slightly, But Industry Looks To Derivatives For Increased Earnings Robert Sandals
06 Guatemala: President Alfonso Portillo's Administration Is Under Attack For Weak Response To Organized Crime Robert Sandals
10 Former Immigration Officer Mariano Faget Convicted In Spy Case Robert Sandals
06 Ombud Report Says Costa Rica Has Become A "disillusioned Democracy" Robert Sandals
20 Haiti: Government Holds Second-round Election Despite Warnings From International Community Robert Sandals
27 Nicaragua: Opposition Parties Shut Out Of Municipal Elections Assail Election Council Robert Sandals
13 Region: Northern Triangle & Mexico Sign Trade Pact Robert Sandals
13 Honduras: Supreme Court Rules Amnesty Laws Unconstitutional Robert Sandals
13 Cuba: Supreme Court Dismisses Relatives' Suit & Elian Gonzalez Goes Home Robert Sandals
27 Region: Honduras Is Accepted In Debt-reduction Program For Poorest Countries, But Nicaragua Lags Behind Robert Sandals
27 Nicaragua: Judge Fired For Dropping Charges In Checazo Corruption Case & Murder Case Robert Sandals
10 Congress Votes Down Proposal To Review Cuba Policy But Approves Changes In Trade Embargo Robert Sandals
20 Dominican Republic: Massacre Of Haitian Immigrants Underscores Recent Charges Of Police & Military Misconduct Robert Sandals
10 Correction: June 8 Article On Cuba-us Relations Robert Sandals
13 Region: Costa Rica & Nicaragua Agree On Resolution To San Juan River Dispute Robert Sandals