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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jun of 2000.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Nicaragua: President Arnoldo Aleman Promises To Meet International Donor Conditions For Resumption Of Aid Robert Sandals
15 El Salvador: President Francisco Flores Makes Conciliatory Move After Crisis In Legislature Threatens Governability Robert Sandals
08 Cuba: Appeals Panel Sides With Immigration & Naturalization Service In Elian Gonzalez Case Robert Sandals
01 Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas Wins Majority In Senate But Not In Lower House, As Opposition Claims Fraud Robert Sandals
08 Costa Rica: Legislative Report Blames Former President Jose Maria Figueres In Social-fund Scandal Robert Sandals
09 U.S. Keeps Cuba On Its List Of Terrorist Countries Robert Sandals
08 Guatemala: Military News In Brief Robert Sandals
29 Nicaragua: Third-force Political Movement Splinters & Former Military Chief Joaquin Cuadra Organizes New Party Robert Sandals
29 Haiti: Results Of May 21 Elections Are Challenged As Political Uncertainty Continues Robert Sandals
09 House Panel Votes To Hold Up Aid Funds Until Russia Removes Listening Post At Lourdes Robert Sandals
15 Nicaragua: Tax Collector Byron Jerez Resigns, But "checazo" Scandal Goes On Robert Sandals
09 Government Releases Three Of Four Prominent Dissidents After Crackdown Said To Be Worst In A Decade Robert Sandals
09 Republican Leaders In House Scuttle Vote On Amendment To Lift Embargo On Sale Of Food & Medicine To Cuba Robert Sandals
29 Panama: Political Parties Agree On National Security Plan Robert Sandals