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The following articles were published in NotiCen in May of 2000.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
18 Cuba: Appeals Court Considers Asylum Rights For Elian Gonzalez Robert Sandals
10 Human Rights Condemnation At Geneva Sets Off Quarrel With Europe & Argentina Robert Sandals
25 Panama, U.S. Hold Talks To Redefine Bilateral Relations After The End Of U.S. Era In Panama Robert Sandals
04 Region: Central American Nations Move Toward Bilateral Pacts With U.S. To Combat Drug Trafficking Robert Sandals
25 Dominican Republic: Center-left Candidate Hipolito Mejia Wins Presidential Election Robert Sandals
11 Region: Three Countries Sign Integration Pact, Invite The Rest Of Central America To Join Robert Sandals
10 Cuba: Third-world Leaders Meet In Havana, Call For Changes In Global Economic Policies Robert Sandals
11 Panama: President Mireya Moscoso Finishes Eight Months In Office To Mixed Reviews Robert Sandals
18 Region: Northern-triangle Countries Agree To Free-trade Pact With Mexico Robert Sandals
04 El Salvador: Government Balks At Reopening 1989 Jesuit Murder Case Robert Sandals
25 Region: U.S. Legislates Duty-free Access To U.S. Market For Regional Textiles Robert Sandals
04 Guatemala: Five Killed In Demonstrations Against Increase In Guatemala City Bus Fares Robert Sandals
18 El Salvador: Despite Having The Largest Delegation, Fmln Loses Fight To Gain Presidency Of Legislative Assembly Robert Sandals
11 Nicaragua: Heirs Of Former Dictator Seek Political Comeback & Return Of Confiscated Property Robert Sandals
10 Long-distance Telephone Service Cut Last Year To Be Restored Robert Sandals