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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jan of 1999.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
14 Honduras: Discovery Of Arms Stored On Military Base For An Arms Dealer Leads To Investigation Robert Sandals
21 Haiti: President Rene Preval Takes Control Of Government In Effort To End Political Crisis Robert Sandals
07 Haiti: Confirmation Of New Prime Minister Ends Long Political Stalemate Robert Sandals
28 Guatemala: Rigoberta Menchu Answers Accusations That Her 1983 Book Contained Distortions Robert Sandals
28 Panamanian Government Indemnifies 3,300 Victims Of 1989 Us Invasion Robert Sandals
28 Costa Rica: President Miguel Angel Rodriguez Proposes New Economic Plan Robert Sandals
08 Nicaragua: Banco Del Sur Officers Accused In U.S.$8-million Fraud Robert Sandals
07 Guatemala Observes Second Anniversary Of Peace Accords Robert Sandals
14 Cuban Economy Shows Uneven Development & And Slow Growth In 1998 Robert Sandals
14 El Salvador: Crisis Erupts Regarding Military Promotions & Rumors Of A Coup Robert Sandals
07 Cuba: News In Brief Robert Sandals
21 Region: U.S. Threatens Trade Sanctions If European Union Does Not Lift Banana-import Quotas Robert Sandals
21 Cuban Government Scorns Changes In Us Cuban Policy Robert Sandals
08 El Salvador: Administration Plan For Economic Recovery Encounters Opposition Robert Sandals