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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Oct of 1998.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
01 Ex-Sandinista Eden Pastora Wins Electoral Concession After Hunger Strike LADB Staff
08 Guatemala Privatizes Telecommunications Company, Postal Service LADB Staff
29 Political Crisis Having Disastrous Effects on Haiti's Economy LADB Staff
29 Guatemala Urged to Move Faster on Reforms Mandated by Peace Accords LADB Staff
22 Republican Group Led by Henry Kissinger Urges Review of U.S. Cuban Policy LADB Staff
08 Questions Arise Over Registration of Honduran Military Vehicles LADB Staff
08 Honduran Armed Forces Remain Divided Over Civilian Control of Military LADB Staff
15 Honduran Congress Approves Partial Sale of Telecommunications Industry LADB Staff
15 Guatemala Briefs: U.N. Report, Bishop's Death, Whistleblower, Army Reductions LADB Staff
22 Guatemalan Prosecutor in Xaman Massacre Case Resigns LADB Staff
22 Ex-Guerrilla Leader Facundo Guardado to Lead FMLN in 1999 Presidential Race LADB Staff
29 Ex-Honduran President Reina Investigated for Misappropriating Public Funds LADB Staff
01 Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala Advance Free-trade Talks LADB Staff
15 Search For National Consensus Slows Legislation in Costa Rica LADB Staff
22 Cuban Authorities Begin Anti-Crime Campaign LADB Staff
01 Most Central American Countries Receive Low Marks on Corruption Index LADB Staff
01 Panama Briefs: Negotiations on Narcotics Center Fail, Electric Utility Privatized LADB Staff
08 Central America Not Expected to Feel Heavy Impact from Global Financial Crisis LADB Staff