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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Sep of 1998.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
24 Panama's Third Political Party Is In Disarray Because Of Prolonged Absence Of Leader Ruben Blades Robert Sandals
24 Cuba: Ten Cubans Arrested In Miami Area Charged With Spying Robert Sandals
03 Cuba: Doubts Cast On Exile's Claim Of Castro's Poor Health Robert Sandals
10 Guatemalan Government Privatizes Electric Company & Moves Ahead On Plans To Sell Telephone System Robert Sandals
24 Haiti: Appointment Of Prime Minister May Be Postponed Until 1999 Robert Sandals
17 Cuba: Ruling By Treasury Department Scuttles Visit To Havana By U.S. Business Executives Robert Sandals
10 Nicaragua: President & Comptroller General Locked In Personal Battle Involving Corruption Charges Robert Sandals
17 Cuba: U.N. Calls For International Food Aid For Five Drought-stricken Provinces Robert Sandals
17 Region: Governments Debate Measures To Confront Rising Crime Robert Sandals
03 El Salvador: Factionalism Prevents Left Opposition Party From Nominating Presidential Candidate Robert Sandals
03 Panama: President Loses Referendum On Re-election Robert Sandals
10 Nicaragua: Government Intensifies Efforts To End Rearmado Conflicts Robert Sandals
03 Cuba: Cuban-exile Leader Indicted In Plot To Kill President Fidel Castro Robert Sandals