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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Oct of 1997.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
30 Nicaragua: New Conflict Complicates Privatization Of State-owned Telecommunications Company & Confiscation Issue Robert Sandals
23 Nicaragua: News In Brief Robert Sandals
16 U.S. Congress Considers Measures To Soften Immigration Law's Impact On Central Americans Robert Sandals
02 Taiwan Signs New Economic Accords With Central America Robert Sandals
09 Costa Rica: Administration Poised To Join With U.S. In Anti-narcotics Crackdown Robert Sandals
02 Central American Countries Agree To Forge European-style Union Robert Sandals
30 Guatemala: Government Sends New Tax Bills To Congress Robert Sandals
09 U.S. Turns Albrook Air Base Over To Panama & Moves Southern Command Headquarters To Miami Robert Sandals
16 Honduras: Corruption Case Goes Nowhere As Another Member Of President Carlos Roberto Reina's Family Is Implicated Robert Sandals
23 Panama: Governing Party Presses Ahead With Re-election Plan Robert Sandals
09 Honduras: Governing Party Candidate Favored To Win November Presidential Election Robert Sandals
30 Honduras: Military Turns Police Force Over To Civilians Robert Sandals
23 Haitian Government Sinks Deeper Into Crisis As U.S. Attempts To Mediate Between Executive & Parliament Robert Sandals
09 Costa Rica: Intel Defends Itself Against Criticism Of Environmental Effects Of Planned Assembly Plant Robert Sandals
30 Honduras: Riots Lead To New Law To Reduce Overcrowding In Prisons Robert Sandals
02 Cuban Authorities Charge Salvadoran With Hotel Bombings & Accuse Anti-castro Exiles Of Backing Plan To Disrupt Tourism Robert Sandals
16 Cuba: Communist Party Maintains Socialist Line In Fifth Congress Robert Sandals