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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Sep of 1997.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
04 Costa Rica: Government Cracks Down On Mining Concessions Robert Sandals
04 Panama: Update On Violence In Border Province Of Darien Robert Sandals
18 Nicaragua: Government Deal With Sandinistas On Confiscated Property Overshadows Broad-based National Dialogue Robert Sandals
18 Panama: Canal Conference Creates Confrontation With China & Brings Tough Talk From Shippers Robert Sandals
25 Honduras: Congress Appoints Police-oversight Board To End Long Process Of Civilianizing Public-security Force Robert Sandals
04 Honduran, Salvadoran, & Nicaraguan Naval Forces Agree To Reduce Tensions In Gulf Of Fonseca Robert Sandals
18 Cuba: Lower Growth Than Expected & Liquidity Problems Trouble Economy Robert Sandals
04 Panama: Government Reopens Gold Mine Amidst Local Protest Robert Sandals
25 El Salvador: Legislature Considers 100% Pardon Of Agrarian Debt Robert Sandals
25 Honduran Officials Disappointed With Declassified C.i.a. Documents On Human Rights Violations Of The 1980s Robert Sandals
18 Costa Rica: Novel Sustainable-development Project In Pacific Coast Beach Town Helps Protect Sea Turtles Robert Sandals
04 Central American & Mexican Foreign Ministers Reaffirm Commitment To Forge Subregional Free-trade Zone Robert Sandals
25 Nicaragua Signs Free-trade Agreement With Mexico Robert Sandals