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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Oct of 1996.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
10 World Trade Organization Accepts Panamanian Membership Robert Sandals
10 Nicaragua: Sale Of State-run Telecommunications Company Postponed A Second Time Robert Sandals
03 Honduras: Rapid Devaluation Creates Controversy Robert Sandals
24 Guatemala: Gobierno Da Impulso Legislativo A La Privatizacion Robert Sandals
31 Centroamerica: Propiedad Intelectual Clave En Libre Comercio Robert Sandals
17 Panama Agrees To Negotiate Base Rights With U.S. Robert Sandals
31 Costa Rica: Recession Forces Revision Of Economic Targets Robert Sandals
31 Guatemala: Government Expects Surge In Tourism After Final Peace Accord Is Signed Robert Sandals
31 El Salvador: Dissatisfied With Government Economic Policies, Private-sector Group Proposes National Pact Robert Sandals
17 Constant Border Disputes Represent Latent Danger For Central American Integration Initiatives Robert Sandals
03 Nicaragua: U.S. Grants Extension On Deadline To Resolve Confiscated-property Issue Robert Sandals
17 Nicaragua: Legislative Committee Says Central Bank Made Illegal Loans To Employees Robert Sandals
24 El Salvador: Legislature Moves Toward Passage Of Controversial Environmental Laws Robert Sandals
10 Trade & Cooperation Negotiations Between Central America & Canada Move Forward Robert Sandals
10 Environmental Protection Efforts Gain Force In Central America Robert Sandals
03 Central American Countries Fortify Trade & Cooperation Ties With Asian Nations Robert Sandals
03 Centroamerica: A Marchas Forzadas Avanza Privatizacion De Telecomunicaciones Robert Sandals
24 Guatemala, El Salvador, & Honduras Reinitiate Negotiations With Mexico Over Free-trade Agreement Robert Sandals
10 Guatemala: Gobierno De Alvaro Arzu Busca La Reactivacion Economica Robert Sandals
17 Centroamerica: Lenta Estabilizacion De La Inflacion Robert Sandals
24 Panama: Indigenous Protests Mount Against Mining Contract Robert Sandals