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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Aug of 1996.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
29 Central American Countries Planning Integrated Electrical Power System LADB Staff
15 Protests Erupt Over Taxation in Panama's Colon Province LADB Staff
22 Costa Rica Abandons Hope of Meeting Fiscal Deficit Goal in 1996 LADB Staff
01 Privatization Plans Move Forward in Nicaragua, Generating Controversy LADB Staff
22 Nicaragua Makes Progress in Reducing Foreign Debt LADB Staff
15 Costa Rican President Backs Governing Party's Findings on Bank Scandal LADB Staff
01 Central American Countries Agree to Negotiate Free-Trade Accord with Chile LADB Staff
29 Deforestation, Other Factors Worsen Impact of Storm in Costa Rica, Nicaragua LADB Staff
29 Panamanian Legislative Assembly Rescinds Tax in Free Trade Zone LADB Staff
08 Economic Slowdown Hits Panama's Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction LADB Staff
08 Pollution in Central American Capitals on Par with Mexico City, Santiago LADB Staff
08 Programas De Ajuste y Programas Fiscales en Centroamerica Guest
01 Perspectivas de la Produccion Alimentaria en Centroamerica Guest
15 Guatemala Seeks Solutions to Extensive Environmental Degradation LADB Staff
29 Honduran Central Bank Warns About Detrimental Impact of Debt on Economy LADB Staff
29 Centroamerica: Las Limitaciones de la Insercion Comercial Guest
22 Gasto Social Clave Contra La Pobreza en Centroamerica Guest
08 Economic Downturn Worsens Housing Deficit in El Salvador LADB Staff
22 Algunos Aspectos de la Inversion Extranjera en Centroamerica Guest