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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Feb of 1993.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
19 Honduras: Government Announces Plans To Privatize National Telecommunications Company Deborah Tyroler
26 Honduras: Update On Incidence Of A.i.d.s. Deborah Tyroler
26 New Agreements On Free Trade Among G-3 Countries & Central America Deborah Tyroler
19 Sweden & U.N.d.p. Donate Funds For Nicaraguan Judiciary Deborah Tyroler
19 El Salvador: Government Launches Second Phase Of National Reconstruction Plan (prn) Deborah Tyroler
26 Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Postpones Vote On Loans For Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
26 Report On Violation Of Intellectual Property Rights In Central & South America Deborah Tyroler
19 Mexican President Visits Nicaragua; G-3 & Central American Leaders Urge Release Of U.S. Aid Deborah Tyroler
05 Update On Implementation Of Salvadoran Peace Accords Deborah Tyroler
05 El Salvador: U.S. Sponsors Training Course For Former Rebel Leaders Deborah Tyroler
05 Guatemala: U.S. State Department & Human Rights Ombudsman's Office Release Annual Reports For 1992 Deborah Tyroler
12 El Salvador: Government Concludes Army Reduction, Despite Delay In Officer Purge Deborah Tyroler
19 Guatemala: President Declares Intent To Veto Controversial "population Law" Deborah Tyroler
05 Panama: Colombian Rebles Kidnap Three U.S. Missionaries Deborah Tyroler
05 Honduras: U.S. Ambassador Confirms Aid Levels For 1993 Will Be Reduced By Half Deborah Tyroler
12 Nicaragua: Update On Privatization Of State-owned Firms Deborah Tyroler
19 El Salvador: Note On Tourism Industry Deborah Tyroler
05 Guatemala: New Government Peace Proposal Revives Negotiations, But Final Peace Accord A Long Way Off Deborah Tyroler
05 Costa Rica: Note On Growth Of "medical Tourism" Deborah Tyroler
19 Guatemala: Judge Issues Sentence In Mirna Mack Killing Deborah Tyroler
12 Multilateral Trade Negotiations Advance Among G-3 Countries & Central America Deborah Tyroler
19 Honduras: Wave Of Violence In San Pedro Sula Apparently Linked To Military Involvement In Drug Trafficking Deborah Tyroler
26 Nicaragua: Executive Branch Submits 1993 Budget Proposals To Legislature Deborah Tyroler
12 Nicaragua: Interview With Sandinista Popular Army (eps) Chief General Humberto Ortega Deborah Tyroler
05 Nicaragua: President & Army Deny Reports Of New Military Draft Deborah Tyroler
26 Honduras: Update On Testimony Of Secret Police (dni) Defector Deborah Tyroler
26 Nicaragua: Army Chief Reveals Right-wing Plot To Destabilize Chamorro Government Deborah Tyroler
19 Nicaragua: Government Launches Second Phase Of Civilian Disarmament Program Deborah Tyroler
12 Panama: Update On Kidnapping Of U.S. Missionaries Deborah Tyroler
05 Honduras: President Delivers State-of-the-nation Address Amidst Mixed Evaluations Of Economic Program Deborah Tyroler