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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jun of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
05 Argentina Next Non-regional Member Of Central American Economic Integration Bank (bcie) Deborah Tyroler
05 Honduras: 225 Small- & Medium-scale Businesses To Declare Bankruptcy Deborah Tyroler
05 Nicaraguan Legislature Approves Revised Charter For Organization Of Central American States (odeca) Deborah Tyroler
05 Nicaragua: Civilian Disarmament Figures Deborah Tyroler
05 Salvadoran President Addresses Economic Performance Deborah Tyroler
12 Nicaragua: Note On Disbursement Of World Bank Loan Funds Deborah Tyroler
05 El Salvador: Rebel Leader Suffers Brain Hemorrhage Deborah Tyroler
05 Guatemala: Government Plans To Request US$117 Million In Loans From World Bank Deborah Tyroler
12 Costa Rica: Central American Economic Integration Bank (bcie) Approves Loan For Health Sector Deborah Tyroler
12 Panama Recognizes Independence Of Croatia & Slovenia Deborah Tyroler
12 Nicaragua: Note On Measles Deborah Tyroler
12 Japan Provides Grant For Salvadoran State-owned Television Station Deborah Tyroler
05 El Salvador: Official Investigation Of 1981 El Mozote Massacre To Begin Deborah Tyroler
12 Nicaragua: Legislature Approves Reforms To Penal Code Deborah Tyroler
05 El Salvador: Subsistence Crop Planting Delayed By Drought Deborah Tyroler
12 Nicaragua: Government Announces Intention To Return Confiscated Properties Deborah Tyroler
05 Projected Chilean Trade With Central America Deborah Tyroler
12 Central American Presidents Hold Regional Summit Deborah Tyroler
05 Honduras: New Airport To Replace Toncontins Deborah Tyroler
05 Disbursement Of U.S. Economic Aid To Nicaragua Postponed: Summary Of Events, May 12 - June 4 Deborah Tyroler
12 Honduras: Airline Employees Launch Strike Deborah Tyroler
12 Honduras: President Calls For Resignation Of Government Leaders Who Plan To Run For Office Deborah Tyroler
05 El Salvador: Implementation Of Peace Accords & Related Events, May 28 - June 3 Deborah Tyroler
12 Nicaragua: Update On Political Violence Deborah Tyroler
05 European Parliament Calls For Reduction Of Central American Military Spending Deborah Tyroler
12 Honduras: Note On Increase In Violent Deaths Deborah Tyroler
12 El Salvador & Russian Federation Establish Diplomatic Relations Deborah Tyroler
12 Honduras: Ambassador To Spain Reassigned To Head Diplomatic Mission To U.S. Deborah Tyroler
05 El Salvador: Public School Teachers On Strike Deborah Tyroler
05 Nicaragua: Armed Forces Chief Ordered By National Assembly To "explain" Army Actions Deborah Tyroler
05 El Salvador: Minimum Wage Hike, New Value Added Tax Deborah Tyroler
12 Panama: On Formation Of New Political Party Deborah Tyroler
05 Costa Rica: Consumer Price Inflation, May 1992 Deborah Tyroler
05 Honduras: Agricultural Workers Protest "modernization Law" Deborah Tyroler
05 US$5 Million In U.S. Food Aid For El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
12 El Salvador: President Cristiani Issues Report On Economic Performance Deborah Tyroler
05 Honduras: I.m.f. Agreement To Be Finalized In Mid-june Deborah Tyroler
12 Honduran & Mexican Electricity Companies Sign Technical Cooperation Accord Deborah Tyroler
12 Panama: Events Surrounding June 11 Visit By President George Bush Deborah Tyroler
05 Central American Defense & Interior Ministers Meet To Discuss Human Rights Deborah Tyroler
12 U.N.h.c.r. To Continue Funding Programs For Guatemalan Refugees In Mexico Deborah Tyroler
12 U.S. Legislators Call On Bush Administration To Support Salvadoran Investigative Commissions Deborah Tyroler
12 El Salvador: Fire Destroys Offices Of International News Bureaus Deborah Tyroler
12 Guatemala: Solidarity Action Movement (mas) Expels Miguel Angel Montepeque Deborah Tyroler
05 Central American Human Rights Defense Commission Annual Report Deborah Tyroler