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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Apr of 1992.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
24 Spain Donates US$2 Million For Jesuit Facilities In Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
03 Costa Rican Trade Minister Says U.S. Role Inadequate In Continental Free Trade Zone Initiative Deborah Tyroler
03 Colon, Panama: Protesters Clash With Police Deborah Tyroler
10 Guatemala: Startling Increase In Cocaine Trafficking & Money Laundering Operations Deborah Tyroler
24 U.S. Donates Radar Equipment To Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
17 Honduran Women's Organizations Launch Hunger Strike To Demand Tougher Sanctions Applied To Abusers Deborah Tyroler
24 Honduras: Deforestation Deborah Tyroler
03 El Salvador: US$30 Million In German Foreign Aid For National Reconstruction Deborah Tyroler
03 El Salvador: Presumed Death Squad Members Kill Two Civilians Deborah Tyroler
24 El Salvador: Peace Accords Advance Amidst Obstacles & Mutual Accusations Deborah Tyroler
03 Honduras: Human Rights Report Deborah Tyroler
03 Costa Rica: Trade Liberalization Deborah Tyroler
24 Cholera Update, March 30 - April 22 Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaragua: On Cerro Negro Volcano Eruption Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan National Assembly Repeals Legislation Blocking Withdrawal Of Suit Against Honduras Deborah Tyroler
17 Panamanian Police Arrest Suspects In Connection With Murder Of Japanese Businessperson Deborah Tyroler
10 Stock Exchanges In Central America Deborah Tyroler
03 Honduras: Illegal Adoption Network Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Summary Of Protests By Trade Unions LADB Staff
17 More On Salvadoran Teachers' Strike Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Total US$77 Million In Loans For Water Treatment Systems & Electricity Grid Deborah Tyroler
24 Honduras: Note On Maternal & Infant Mortality Rates Deborah Tyroler
03 Costa Rica: Commitments Under I.m.f. Agreement For 1992 Deborah Tyroler
17 Honduras: On Financial Support For Government's Economic Reform Program Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaragua: U.S.a.i.d. To Fund Airport Renovation Study Deborah Tyroler
10 Panama Profile: Basic Data, Macroeconomic Indicators, Foreign Investment Regulations & Incentives Deborah Tyroler
03 El Salvador: Public School Teachers On Strike Deborah Tyroler
03 El Salvador: U.S. Denies Entry Visa To F.m.l.n. Leader Joaquin Villalobos Deborah Tyroler
17 Panama: Summary Of Recent Protests To Demand Jobs, Public Services, Pay Hikes Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran Feminists Denounce Failure Of Peace Accords To Address Women's Issues Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala: Security Forces Open Fire On Students Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala: U.S. Religious Pursues Litigation Against Government In 1989 Abduction & Rape Charges Deborah Tyroler
17 Costa Rica: Public School Teachers Prepare To Strike Deborah Tyroler
03 Panama: Former El Chorrillo Residents Protest Government Delays In Barrio Reconstruction Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaragua: Government Plans To Privatize Tourism Facilities Deborah Tyroler
17 Honduras: Organ Trafficking Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: Update On Fighting & Political Violence, February 29 - March 14 Deborah Tyroler
24 Summary: Implementation Of Salvadoran Peace Accords & Related Events Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: 15,000 Shantytown Residents Forcibly Evicted Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala: Gunmen Fire On Home Of National Center Union (ucn) Deputy Deborah Tyroler
10 El Salvador: US$165 Million In Loans From Inter-american Development Bank (idb) Deborah Tyroler
17 El Salvador: Update On Implementation Of Peace Accords Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadorans Commemorate 12th Anniversary Of Assassination Of Archbishop Romero Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: World Bank-organized "consulting Group" Pledges US$600 Million In Financial Aid For 1992 Deborah Tyroler
10 Underemployment In Central America Deborah Tyroler
24 Panama: On Privatization Of State-run Telephone Company Deborah Tyroler
03 Impact Of Violence On Guatemalan Tourism Industry Deborah Tyroler
03 Business Leader Says Nicaragua In No Danger Of "social Explosion" Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: Former Rebel Calls For Demobilization Of Civil Patrols Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaragua: Army Recovers Stolen Weapons Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: Mass Grave Discovered In El Quiche Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Employees Gain 100% Stake In Five Privatized Mines Deborah Tyroler
24 I.d.b. Cooperation Agreement With Central American Governments Aimed At Supporting Regional Economic Integration Deborah Tyroler
24 El Salvador: Defense Ministry Submits Draft Legislation On Military Service Deborah Tyroler
24 Last Group Of Salvadoran Refugees Leaves Mesa Grande Camp In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
10 Honduras Profile: Basic Data, Macroeconomic Indicators, Foreign Investment Regulations & Incentives Deborah Tyroler
24 Salvadoran Defense Minister Confirms Participation Of High-ranking Officer In Military Base Weapons Theft Deborah Tyroler
03 El Salvador: New Geothermal Power Plant In Usulutan Department Deborah Tyroler
24 El Salvador: 1991 Export Performance Deborah Tyroler
17 Nicaragua: Taxi Drivers Launch Strike Deborah Tyroler
17 European Community Contributes US$25 Million To Resettlement Of Central American Refugees & Displaced Persons Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Sandinista Assembly Agrees To Petition For Membership In Socialist International Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala: U.S. Expands Anti-narcotics Program Deborah Tyroler
24 Guatemala Profile: Basic Data, Macroeconomic Indicators, Foreign Investment Regulations & Incentives Deborah Tyroler
10 Costa Rica: March Inflation Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Government Accepts Resignation Of Interior Minister Deborah Tyroler
10 Guatemala: Oil Production At 6,800 Barrels Per Day Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Brazil Turns Down Debt Write-off Request Deborah Tyroler
03 Summary: Implementation Of Salvadoran Peace Accords & Related Events Deborah Tyroler
03 Costa Rica: US$50 Million Disbursement On Structural Adjustment Loan Deborah Tyroler
10 On Chilean Trade With Central America Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala: Soldiers Receive Death Penalty For Murder Of Civilians Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala: Business Organizations, Trade Unions & Students Opposed To Government Tax Reform Package Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaragua: President Chamorro Appoints New Interior Minister Deborah Tyroler
24 I.d.b. & Vice President Worried About Impoverishment Of Panamanian Population Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: National Disarmament Campaign Enters Third Phase Deborah Tyroler
10 U.S. Aid To El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
24 Panama: Community Activist Placed Under House Arrest Deborah Tyroler
24 Honduras: National Party Faction Nominates Presidential Candidate Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: Police Director Reports On Investigations Of Disappeared Persons Reported In 1991 Deborah Tyroler
17 Investigation Into Killing Of Mexican National In Guatemala Concluded Deborah Tyroler
10 Central American Governments Request US$177 Million In Foreign Aid To Finance Refugee & Displaced Person Resettlement Deborah Tyroler
10 Guatemala: US$40.5 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan For Upgrade Of Public Services In 30 Municipalities Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: Macroeconomic Performance Indicators Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: New Rebel Group Established To Focus Attention On Women's Needs Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala: Public Demonstration Against Eviction Of Agricultural Workers By Public Security Forces Deborah Tyroler
03 Honduras: Poultry Farmers Threaten To Sacrifice Thousands Of Chickens Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: Report On Malnutrition Deborah Tyroler
24 Rebels Turn Over Murder Weapon Used In Assassination Of U.S. Military Advisors Deborah Tyroler
24 Panama: Teachers, Lottery Employees & Unemployed Workers Organize Protest Demonstrations Deborah Tyroler
24 U.S. To Sell US$15 Million Worth Of Wheat Under P.l. 480 To Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
03 U.S. Raises Textile Export Quota For Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
03 Panama: Japanese Businessperson Murdered By Kidnappers Deborah Tyroler
24 Costa Rican Teachers On Strike Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: US$50 Million Loan For Geothermal Power Plant Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala: Human Rights Attorney General To Open Office In Nebaj, El Quiche Deborah Tyroler
10 Honduras: Business Leader Says Privatization Program Designed To Placate Military Officers Deborah Tyroler
24 Salvadoran Peasants Demand Land Distribution & Access To Agricultural Loans Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemala & El Salvador: Weapons Trafficking Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaragua: Inter-american Development Bank Loans For Upgrade & Expansion Of Public Services, Tax System Restructuring Deborah Tyroler