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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Nov of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
08 Honduras: Summary Of Opposition To Government Economic Policies Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Court Employees Win 33% Wage Increase Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Update On Fighting & Violent Incidents, October 28-november 6 Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemala: On Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduras: Morazanista Popular Front (fpm) Claims Responsibility For Attack On Home Of Power Company Executive Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Consumer Price Inflation 5.9% In October Deborah Tyroler
01 Costa Rican Milk Producers Call For Suspension Of Imports From Panama Deborah Tyroler
22 El Salvador: Controversy Over Jesuit Massacre Continues Deborah Tyroler
29 Focus On Violence Against Women In Nicaragua, El Salvador & Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
08 Ten Central American Parliament Delegates Resign Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Atlantic Coast Leader Calls For Respect Of Autonomy Law Deborah Tyroler
15 Guatemala: Government Plans For Oil Exploration Concessions In El Peten Deborah Tyroler
08 Rebels Claim Salvadoran Air Force Using Honduran Territory To Launch Bomb Attacks Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: U.S. Soldier Killed By Police Deborah Tyroler
15 Central American Governments Seek Debt-for-nature Swaps Deborah Tyroler
01 Guatemala: Controversy Over Resignation Of National Police Chief Deborah Tyroler
29 Summary Of Anti-drug Trafficking Developments: September 20 - November 22 Deborah Tyroler
15 Undocumented Central Americans Detained In Mexico Deborah Tyroler
08 Honduras: On Investigations Of Police Corruption & Abuse Of Authority Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Former Contra Leaders Seek Legal Status For Political Party Deborah Tyroler
15 Political Violence In Nicaragua: Chronology Of Events, Nov. 7 - 14 Deborah Tyroler
22 Haitian Refugees Given Temporary Residency In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rican Ambassador To Nicaragua Resigns Deborah Tyroler
15 On Costa Rican Sugar Exports To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
29 El Salvador: Public Employees Demand Wage Hikes, Larger Benefits Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Sugar Mill Employees End Strike Deborah Tyroler
22 Costa Rica: School Textbooks Perpetuate Subordinate Role Of Women Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: European Commission Approves US$14 Million Loan For Development Projects In Huehuetenango Deborah Tyroler
15 Salvadoran Church Investigation Finds Atlacatl Battalion Responsible For 1981 Massacre Of 794 Civilians Deborah Tyroler
01 Salvadoran Anti-communist Front Communique Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rica: On Sexual Abuse Of Children Deborah Tyroler
22 European Community Contributes US$25 Million For Installation Of Radar Equipment Deborah Tyroler
22 U.S. Legislators Propose Restrictions On Military Aid To El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
15 Costa Rica: Non-traditional Exports To E.e.c. Down 25% Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Mayor Resigns After City Hall Occupation In Santa Maria De Jesus, Zacatepequez Deborah Tyroler
22 Nicaragua: National Assembly Sustains One Presidential Veto, Overrides Another Deborah Tyroler
29 Chiquita Brands Subsidiary Announces Plans For Major Operations Cutback In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: U.S.a.i.d. To Finance Community Projects In Bocas Del Toro Deborah Tyroler
29 Panama: Debt Restructuring Talks With Foreign Commercial Banks Underway Deborah Tyroler
15 Spain Approves US$4.6 Million Loan For Small Business In Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
01 Guatemala City Requests Investigation By Mexico Into Recent Deaths Of Seven Undocumented Guatemalans Deborah Tyroler
29 Rape Statistics For Panama City Deborah Tyroler
29 On Inclusion Of Belize In Central American Integration Process Deborah Tyroler
01 El Salvador: Legislative Assembly Approves Constitutional Reforms Of Judicial System Deborah Tyroler
22 El Salvador: Update On Fighting & Rebel Sabotage, November 6 - 21 Deborah Tyroler
22 Panama: Independent Banana Growers Persecuted By Chiquita Brands Subsidiary Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Former Defense Minister Gramajo To Be Tried In Absentia In Two Suits Filed In U.S. Courts Deborah Tyroler
08 I.m.f. Endorses Honduran Economic Reform Program Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemala: Update On Fighting & Violent Incidents, October 26 - November 18 Deborah Tyroler
15 Panama: Evangelical Political Party Seeks Legal Status Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaraguan Government Establishes New Nature Reserves Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Municipal Employees Strike Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemala: Army Harassment Of Civilian Communities In El Peten Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Summary Of Peace Talk Developments Deborah Tyroler
22 Panama: On U.S. Military Maneuvers Deborah Tyroler
08 Panamanian Students Arrested For Attempting To Burn U.S. Flag Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Recontra Commanders & Combatants To Join National Police & National Disarmament Brigade Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemala: Auxiliary Bishop Assaulted Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Death Threats Against Army High Command Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Chronology Of Political Violence & Related Events Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaragua: Recontra Group Disarms & Joins Police Force Deborah Tyroler
15 Guatemala: Court Employee Murdered In Jutiapa Department Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Beef Cattle Shipments To El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
15 Panama: On Media Censorship Deborah Tyroler
15 Panama: Barrio Dwellers Threaten To Bathe In Presidential Palace Deborah Tyroler
08 Panamanian Health Care Professionals Strike: Chronology Of Events Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Talks With Paris Club Set For December 16 Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaraguan Miners Launch Strike Deborah Tyroler
15 Costa Rica: World Bank Approves US$23 Million Loan For Educational Programs Deborah Tyroler
29 El Salvador: National Peace Consolidation Commission (copaz) Meeting Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduras: Joint Police & Army Patrol Created To Combat Urban Crime Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Police Remove Protesters From Labor Ministry Offices Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Military Investigating Suspected Drug Shipment Air Drops Deborah Tyroler
08 Inter-american Development Bank Notes Economic Recovery In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Recontra & Recompa Leaders Sign Non-agression Pact Deborah Tyroler
08 Honduran Government To Become Signatory Of International Conventions On Refugees Deborah Tyroler
15 Honduras: On Coffee Exports & Projected Harvest Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rica: On Natural Gas Shortage Deborah Tyroler
29 Panama: Musician & Actor Ruben Blades Forms Political Party Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemala: Report On Incidence Of Malaria & Dengue Fever Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Report On Land Occupations Deborah Tyroler
22 Costa Rica: Workers Protest Privatization Deborah Tyroler
29 Costa Rica: Information Minister Resigns Deborah Tyroler
08 Cholera Update: October 23 - November 6 Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rica: Finance Minister Thelmo Vargas Resigns Deborah Tyroler
08 Honduras: On Murder Of Four Civilians Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Government Announces Budget Proposals & Five-year Economic Recovery Plan Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Court Employee Union Leader Assassinated Deborah Tyroler
15 Guatemala: Dominican Order Nuns Subjected To Intimidation Deborah Tyroler
08 Guatemalan Court Employees Strike For Higher Wages Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: US$132.5 Million Inter-american Development Bank Loan To Support Government Economic Reforms Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rica: Fuel Price Hike Deborah Tyroler
01 U.S. Senator Expresses Support For Human Rights Policies Of Guatemalan Government Deborah Tyroler
15 Costa Rica: Note On Health Statistics Deborah Tyroler
08 Honduras: International Development Association (ida) Approves US$50.6 Million Loan For Energy Sector Deborah Tyroler
08 Last Nicaraguan Refugee Camp In Costa Rica Closed Deborah Tyroler
22 El Salvador: Public Employees Strike Deborah Tyroler
08 Guatemala: Deputy Human Rights Attorney General Denounces Abuses By Security Forces Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: On Fake & Genuine Plots To Assassinate F.s.l.n. Deputy Deborah Tyroler
08 Guatemala: U.S. Congress Approves Aid For National Reconciliation Process Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaragua: Update On Labor Conflicts Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rican Government Protests Panamanian Suspension Of Milk Imports Deborah Tyroler
22 Pamphlets Advocating Violence Against Women Distributed At University Of Costa Rica Law School Deborah Tyroler
08 On Prison Conditions In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
15 El Salvador: Summary Of Human Rights Developments Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Managua & Miami Become Sister Cities Deborah Tyroler
15 U.N. Observer Group In Central America (onuca) Mandate Renewed Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Five Former Soldiers Assassinated By Recontras Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: 28 U.S. Senators Ask Cristiani To Reject Amnesty Offer For Officers Convicted In Jesuit Murder Case Deborah Tyroler
29 Air Panama Privatized Deborah Tyroler
22 Civilian Agents Employed By Army Resign Over Forced Recruitment Of Guatemalan Youths Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rica: October Inflation Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Attack On Vice President's Home Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama-u.s. Textile Trade Accord Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Report On Social Welfare Conditions Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemala: National Progress Party (pan) Withdraws From Government Coalition Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Telecommunications & Mail Workers On Strike Deborah Tyroler
22 Update On Cholera, November 9 - 18 Deborah Tyroler
01 Honduras: 10% Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
15 Panama: Demonstrators Protest Reforms To Social Security Institute (css) Charter Deborah Tyroler
22 El Salvador: Rebel Commanders Say Senior Military Officers Sabotaging Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Appeals Court Orders Retrial Of Military Officers Implicated In Recent Massacre Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Summary Of Recompa Organization Demands Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: 1992 Budget Proposal Deborah Tyroler
29 Inter-american Investment Corporation Approves US$5 Million Loan For Costa Rican Institution Deborah Tyroler
29 Street Children In Central American Nations Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemalan Government Called On To Acknowledge Arrest Of Rebel Combatant Deborah Tyroler
22 El Salvador: Government Requested To Facilitate Repatriation Of Wounded Rebels Deborah Tyroler
29 Panama: Employees At Colon Duty-free Port Threaten Strike Deborah Tyroler
01 Lesbian & Gay Nicaraguans To Open Nightclub Deborah Tyroler
29 Pope Criticizes Sex Education Manuals & Birth Control Programs Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduras: Report On Child Trafficking Deborah Tyroler
08 Salvadoran Government Refuses To Approve Visas For Members Of U.S. Humanitarian Delegation Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: Relatives Of U.S. Invasion Victims Hold Protest Despite Official Ban Deborah Tyroler
22 Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (fmln) Communique On Unilateral Cease-fire (released November 16) Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Venezuela To Provide US$8 Million Loan For Housing Construction Deborah Tyroler
01 Central American Parliament Holds Inaugural Session Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduras: Defendants In Murder Case Say Secret Police Used Torture To Obtain Confessions Deborah Tyroler
22 Guatemalan Government & U.N.h.c.r. Reach Accord Guaranteeing Safe Return Of 45,000 Refugees Deborah Tyroler
15 Guatemalan Judicial System Employees End Strike Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Workers Occupy Banana Company Offices In Managua Deborah Tyroler
15 Weapons En Route To El Salvador Seized In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
08 Honduras: Newspaper Vendors Strike Deborah Tyroler
29 Leftist Politician Attacked In San Salvador Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: Banana Packers Return To Work Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: Financial Incentives For Banana Producers Deborah Tyroler
15 Salvadoran Peace Talks: Summary Of Developments, November 7 - 14 Deborah Tyroler
29 On Arrest & Deportation Of Undocumented Central Americans Deborah Tyroler
08 Costa Rican Exports To Central American Neighbors, First Half 1991 Deborah Tyroler
29 Panamanian President To Submit Poverty Reduction Program At Central American Summit Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Health Ministry Employees On Strike Deborah Tyroler
22 Honduras: Simulated Oil Spill At Texaco Refinery Deborah Tyroler