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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Oct of 1991.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
18 Nicaragua: F.s.l.n. Calls For Official Investigation Of C.i.a. Election Funding Reported By Newsweek Magazine Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama: 1992 Budget For Public Security Forces Deborah Tyroler
02 Honduras: Indigenous Leader Killed In Ambush Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Nationwide Vaccination & Cholera Prevention Campaign Deborah Tyroler
25 El Salvador: Summary Of Fighting, October 1 - 23 Deborah Tyroler
16 Presidency Minister Denies C.i.a. Financed 1990 Nicaraguan Presidential Elections Deborah Tyroler
25 Guatemalan Peace Talk Round Focuses On Human Rights Deborah Tyroler
18 Guatemala Seeks Acquisition Of Honduran Radar Equipment To Combat Drug Trafficking Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Military Judge Passes Sentence On Defendants In Weapons Trafficking Case Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama: Public Police Force Chief Resigns Deborah Tyroler
18 Honduras: Lorenzo Zelaya Popular Revolutionary Forces Renounce Armed Struggle Deborah Tyroler
04 Honduras: Texaco Finalizes Agreement For Oil Exploration & Production In Mosquitia Deborah Tyroler
09 El Salvador: Independent Commission Delivers Report To U.N. Human Rights Investigator Deborah Tyroler
16 Guatemala: Summary Of Fighting, September 4 - October 3 Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Cholera Prevention Measures Raise Health Standards Deborah Tyroler
18 Honduras & U.S. To Finalize Agreement On Customs Information Exchange Deborah Tyroler
25 Panama & Belize Request Observer Status In Central American Parliament Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemala: Electricity Rationing Ends Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: New Foreign Minister Takes Office Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Notes On Crime Deborah Tyroler
23 Costa Rica: Organizations Providing Assistance To Women Ineffective Deborah Tyroler
25 Panama: Indigenous Leaders Claim Ethnic Persecution Deborah Tyroler
09 Central American Deputy Ministers Define Priority Projects For European Community Assistance Deborah Tyroler
09 Costa Rica: Inventory Of Native Flora Underway Deborah Tyroler
09 Plane Carrying 800 Kg. Of Cocaine Crashes In Retalhuleu Department, Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
23 Salvadoran Peace Talks: Summary Of Developments Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Former Soldiers Demand Payment Of Retirement Benefits Deborah Tyroler
25 Honduras: Evidence "manipulated" In Riccy Mabel Martinez Murder Case Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemala: Human Rights Defense Group & Student Leader Report Death Threats Deborah Tyroler
30 Honduras: Coffee Producers Protest Move To Eliminate Subsidies Deborah Tyroler
18 Police Use Tear Gas To Evict Factory Workers Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemalan Coffee Growers Estimate Revenue & Output Losses Deborah Tyroler
09 Costa Rica: Poll Results Show Decline In Popularity Of Calderon Administration Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: Summary Of Fighting & Violent Incidents, October 10 - 19 Deborah Tyroler
25 Guatemala: Military Officer Receives Jail Sentence For Role In Santiago Atitlan Massacre Deborah Tyroler
04 Guatemala: 1991 Macro-economic Projections Deborah Tyroler
30 Honduras: Private Sector Leader Says Government Responsible For Economic Crisis Deborah Tyroler
18 El Salvador: On Conviction In Herbert Anaya Murder Case Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama: Inter-american Development Bank To Resume Loan Disbursement On Projects Suspended In 1989 Deborah Tyroler
04 Panama Liquidates Outstanding "electricity Debt" Owed Honduras Deborah Tyroler
18 El Salvador: Officers Acquitted In Jesuit Murder Case Released Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemala: Family Massacred In Baja Verapaz Deborah Tyroler
16 Costa Rica: University Faculty, Staff & Students On Strike Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Seven Recontra Commanders Agree To Participate In National Disarmament Program Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Vice President's Proposal To Return Weapons For Debt Write-off Rejected Deborah Tyroler
04 Panamanian Firms Accused Of Dumping Milk Products In Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
18 Salvadorans Deported From Mexico Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Estancia Cora Military Base To Be Converted To Vo-tech Center Deborah Tyroler
02 European Community Approves Aid For Guatemalan Earthquake Victims Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Legislative Assembly To Investigate C.i.a. Funding Of 1990 Presidential Election Deborah Tyroler
02 Panama: Charge On Canal Passage To Increase By 2% Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaragua: Inside Story Of The "cesar Scandal" Deborah Tyroler
23 Costa Rican President Dismisses U.S. Disgruntlement Over Ambassador In Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaraguan: Army Troop Strength To Be Further Reduced Deborah Tyroler
02 El Salvador: Jury Reaches Verdict On Jesuit Murder Case Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaraguan Curandero Convention Deborah Tyroler
23 Formal Membership Status For Taiwan In Central American Economic Integration Bank (bcie) Deborah Tyroler
18 El Salvador: 1986 Earthquake Victims Demand Housing Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Government Response To Medical Malpractice & Negligence Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: U.S. National Arrested In Connection With Rape/murder Of Managua Teenager Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: Human Rights Attorney General Accuses National Police Of Torturing Prisoners Deborah Tyroler
25 U.S. Army Intelligence Accused Of Spying On Panamanian Opposition Parties Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: President Chamorro "conditionally" Withdraws Veto On Property Bill Deborah Tyroler
18 El Salvador: Protesters Demand Release Of Political Prisoners Deborah Tyroler
18 El Salvador: Update On Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Note On Public Employee Dismissals Deborah Tyroler
09 Honduras: Assassinated Student Leader Described As Police Informant Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: Health Workers & Teachers Demonstrate In Managua Deborah Tyroler
23 Honduras: No Plans To Reduce Military Spending Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Vice President Reports Assassination Attempt Deborah Tyroler
11 U.S. Financial Support For Costa Rican Economic Reforms & Anti-drug Trafficking Efforts Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaraguan Presidency Minister: Mandate Of O.a.s.-sponsored Commission To Be Revised Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: Summary Of Recontra & Recompa Activities, Sept. 26 - Oct. 9 Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: Workers Demand Access To Stocks In State-run Companies Slated For Privatization Deborah Tyroler
02 Spain Donates 32 Vehicles To Nicaraguan Police Deborah Tyroler
30 U.S. Soldiers Conduct Maneuvers In Panama Canal Zone Deborah Tyroler
11 El Salvador: Peace Talks To Resume Oct. 12 Deborah Tyroler
09 Guatemala: Equipment Upgrade & Personnel Training Program For Public Security Forces Deborah Tyroler
04 Panama: On Reduction Of Public Employee Work Force Deborah Tyroler
09 On Costa Rican Energy Sales To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaragua: O.a.s. Branch Assists Army In Land Mine Deactivation & Removal Deborah Tyroler
30 Incidence Of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (aids) In Central America By Country, 1986-91 (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
18 Note On Destruction Of Forests In Central America Deborah Tyroler
25 Honduras: U.S. Ambassador Criticized For Intervention In Domestic Affairs Deborah Tyroler
09 Honduran Government & U.S. Company Reach Agreement On Exploitation Of 1.6 Million Ha. Of Forest Land Deborah Tyroler
04 Army Intelligence Officer Assassinated In San Salvador Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Japanese Government Approves $70 Million Loan Deborah Tyroler
11 Honduras: Government To Introduce Fuel Price Deregulation Deborah Tyroler
16 Honduras: Agricultural Workers Protest Changes To Agrarian Reform Legislation Deborah Tyroler
25 Guatemala: Police Arrest Two Suspects In Connection With Recent Massacre Deborah Tyroler
02 El Salvador: Spanish Parliament Report On Jesuit Murder Case Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaragua: Volunteer Fire Fighters Plan Hunger Strike Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Update On Recontra & Recompa Activities, October 19 - 23 Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Controversy Over Proposal To Create Municipal Police Force Deborah Tyroler
25 Honduras: Business Leaders Concerned Over Prospects Of Economic Integration Deborah Tyroler
11 Honduras: Workers Take Over El Mochito Silver Mine Deborah Tyroler
23 Poll Of Guatemala City Residents Shows Declining Enthusiasm For Serrano Administration Deborah Tyroler
04 U.S. Sugar Import Quotas From Guatemala & Honduras Deborah Tyroler
25 French Government Donates Wheat To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
11 El Salvador: Summary Of Socio-economic Indicators, Civil War Toll, 1981-1991 Deborah Tyroler
23 Panama: Workers & Students Demonstrate Against Government Economic Policies Deborah Tyroler
04 On Stolen Weapons From Nicaraguan Army Arsenal: Colombian Military Releases Report On Investigation Deborah Tyroler
02 El Salvador: Summary Of Fighting & Related Violence, September 2 - 26 Deborah Tyroler
04 Guatemala: Two Soldiers Suspected Of Involvement In Michael Devine Murder Case Released From Custody Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama: Physicians Organize Strike Deborah Tyroler
04 Panama: On President Endara's Popularity Deborah Tyroler
02 U.N. Security Council Endorses Salvadoran Peace Process Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: Female Legislators Denounce Sexual Harassment & Objectification Of Women Deborah Tyroler
04 Joint Honduran-u.s. Anti-drug Training Exercise Deborah Tyroler
18 Panama: U.S. Defense Department Donates $500,000 In Medical Supplies Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Public Employee Demonstrators Clash With Police In Managua Deborah Tyroler
09 State Department Issues Advisory To U.S. Nationals In Panama Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: $100,000 Worth Of Medical Supplies Stolen From Managua Hospitals Deborah Tyroler
30 On Japanese Contribution To Panamanian Government's Payment Of Debt Service Arrears Owed Multilateral Institutions Deborah Tyroler
23 Mexican Government Boosts Financial Support For Central American Regional Development Deborah Tyroler
18 Guatemala: Police Plan To Confiscate Illegal Weapons Held By Civilians Deborah Tyroler
25 Banana Producer-nations Anxious About 1993 European Economic Community Merger Deborah Tyroler
16 Guatemala: U.N. Human Rights Investigator Denounces Military Attack On Civilian Target Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Security & Disarmament Commissions Created In Matagalpa & Jinotega Departments Deborah Tyroler
23 El Salvador: Untying The "gordian Knot" Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaragua: Summary Of Recontra & Recompa Activities, October 9 - 14 Deborah Tyroler
02 Costa Rica: President To Request U.S. Intervention In Requesting I.m.f. To Accept Higher Fiscal Deficit Deborah Tyroler
25 Inter-american Defense Council Delegation Visits El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
09 Guatemala: On Apparent Suicide Of Journalist Manuel Sabino Barrientos Deborah Tyroler
16 Cholera: Summary Of Developments, Sept. 26 - Oct. 9 Deborah Tyroler
18 Salvadoran Government Requests Post-war Reconstruction Aid Deborah Tyroler
18 Guatemalan Deputy Calls For Deportation Of Undocumented Central Americans Deborah Tyroler
04 Costa Rica: Inflation, January-september 1991 Deborah Tyroler
09 Salvadoran Armed Forces Denounce Rebel Human Rights Abuses Deborah Tyroler
25 Costa Rica: Health Ministry Employees Protest Proposed Budget Cut Deborah Tyroler
09 Second Continental Meeting Of "500 Years Of Indigenous & Popular Resistance" In Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
30 U.S. Mining Company Threatens To Pull Out Of Honduras Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaragua: 226 Political Killings Since April 1990 Deborah Tyroler
23 Costa Rica: 22 Die From Measles Deborah Tyroler
30 Update On Cholera, October 17 - 22 Deborah Tyroler
30 Salvadoran Peace Commission (copaz) Meeting Deborah Tyroler
23 Panama: Canal Asset Value Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: World Bank Delivers $110 Million Loan Deborah Tyroler
18 Peace In El Salvador Possible If U.S. Withdraws Deborah Tyroler
04 U.S. Company Proposes Construction Of Waste Processing Plant In Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Recontras Agree To Temporary Suspension Of Military Activity Deborah Tyroler
02 Panama: University Students Harass Vice President Ford Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama: On Illegal Weapons Possession Deborah Tyroler
25 Panama: Opposition Party On Government's Claims Of Coup Plots & Conspiracies Deborah Tyroler
04 Nomination Of New U.S. Ambassador To El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
09 Report On A.i.d.s. In El Salvador & Honduras Deborah Tyroler
18 Taiwan Donates Textiles For Police Uniforms Deborah Tyroler
16 El Salvador: Rebels, Government & Political Party Representatives Set Up Peace Commission (copaz) Deborah Tyroler
11 El Salvador: Former Military Officers Suspected Of Involvement In 1981 Massacre Acquitted By Jury Deborah Tyroler
11 Impact Of Poverty & War On Children In Central America Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemala: Sampling Of Child Welfare Statistics Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Enbus Employees Protest "pirate" Drivers Deborah Tyroler
16 Indigenous Groups Demand Self-determination & End To "500 Years Of Oppression" Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Movimiento Civilista Calls For Abolition Of Army Deborah Tyroler
30 Regional Meeting On Politics Of Structural Adjustment Deborah Tyroler
16 Former Nicaraguan Soldiers Say Stolen Weapons Intended For Salvadoran Rebels Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemala: Judge Involved In Drug Trafficker Prosecution Resigns Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Electricity Rationing Suspended Deborah Tyroler
04 Judge Zamora To Remain In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: Police Identify 11 Of 25 Suspects In Volcancillo Massacre Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaraguan Public Education System In Crisis Deborah Tyroler
23 Meeting Of Central American Women Legislators Deborah Tyroler
23 Costa Rica: Public University Strikes End Deborah Tyroler
11 Summary Of Recent Proposals To Export Toxic Waste To Central American Nations Deborah Tyroler
11 Panamanian Authorities Arrest Four Men Suspected Of Involvement In Plots To Overthrow Government Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: On Disarmament & Anti-crime Campaign Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemala: Evangelical Youth Leader Stabbed To Death Deborah Tyroler
09 Report On Deportation Of Undocumented Persons From Guatemala & Panama Deborah Tyroler
18 Panamanian President Denies U.S. Troops Participating In Military Operations Deborah Tyroler
25 Honduras: National Congress Approves 1992 Budget Deborah Tyroler
04 Panama: Kuna Indians Attempt To Evict Colonists Deborah Tyroler
09 Honduras: On Preventive Health Care Campaign Deborah Tyroler
18 Salvadoran Attorney Organization Calls For Delay In Adjudicating High Profile Cases Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaragua: Leaders Of Former Contras Establish Political Party Deborah Tyroler
23 Costa Rica-u.s. Free Trade Talks Continue Deborah Tyroler
09 Investigation Underway Of Possible Fraud Involving Recent Electricty Debt Payment Made By Panama To Honduras Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemala: Peace Talks To Resume Oct. 21 Deborah Tyroler
18 Guatemala: Chilean Carabineros Recommend Reorganization Of Police Academy Deborah Tyroler
18 Guatemala: Human Rights Abuse Reports Deborah Tyroler
23 On Deforestation In Northern Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler