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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jun of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
06 Nicaragua: On Contra Demobilization Deborah Tyroler
01 Polling Organization Predicts Electoral Disaster For Christian Democrats Deborah Tyroler
06 Guatemala: Five Corpses Found Near Guatemala City Deborah Tyroler
06 Panama: Vice President Ford On Economy Deborah Tyroler
06 El Salvador: On Recent Fighting, Sabotage Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduras: Banana Workers Strike Deborah Tyroler
01 World Bank Approves $60 Million Loan For Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaragua: Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaraguan President Claims Arms Shipments To El Salvador Continue Deborah Tyroler
01 Rio Group Calls On Contras To Disarm Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama Redefines Non-intervention Principle At O.a.s. General Assembly Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduras: Notes On U.S. Military Troop Spending, Activities Deborah Tyroler
29 El Salvador: Lt.col. Accused Of Destroying Evidence In Jesuit Multiple Murder Case Deborah Tyroler
27 Guatemalan President Says Troop Strength & Military Spending Will Not Be Increased Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaragua: On Contra Demobilization Deborah Tyroler
01 El Salvador: Popular Social Christian Movement Leader On Cristiani's First Year In Office Deborah Tyroler
01 Ecuadoran Government Approves Asylum Request For Former Panamanian Minister Of Interior & Justice Deborah Tyroler
06 Honduras: Report On Assassination Of Union Members Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaragua: Two More Currency Devaluations Deborah Tyroler
06 Guatemala: Urban Transport Services In Capital Back To Normal Deborah Tyroler
06 Nicaragua To Request $100 Million At Donor Conference In Rome Deborah Tyroler
01 Panama: 15,000 Public Employees Dismissed Since U.S. Invasion Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduras: U.S. Embassy Staff Threatened With Eviction Unless Adequate Payments In U.S. Dollars Made Deborah Tyroler
06 Panamanian Human Rights Commission On Invasion Toll Deborah Tyroler
06 El Salvador: Rebels Report Detention Of Mexican Professor & Journalist By National Police Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Summary Of Recent Reports On Human Rights Abuses Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Update On Contra Demobilization, Notes On Contra Presence In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: Cordoba Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
06 Panama: Plans For Repatriation Of 1,450 Salvadoran Refugees Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Mexican National Accused Of Collaborating With Rebels Released From Prison Deborah Tyroler
29 Central American Nations To Receive $121 Million In Aid To Refugees & Displaced Deborah Tyroler
27 Central American Nations To Request $161 Million In Aid For Refugees & Displaced Deborah Tyroler
29 El Salvador: Round Of Peace Talks Produces No "major Progress"; Next Round Scheduled For Late July Deborah Tyroler
29 Costa Rica: Reactions To President Bush's Hemispheric Initiative Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Environmental Organizations Blame War For Ecological Devastation Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Notes On Recent Fighting Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaragua Begins Negotiations With Venezuela On Oil Debt Deborah Tyroler
01 Honduran Legislator Proposes Voluntary Military Service Deborah Tyroler
29 El Salvador: Notes On Recent Fighting Deborah Tyroler
08 On Central American Refugees Residing In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
06 Panama: Attorney General Temporarily Removed From Office Deborah Tyroler
06 Guatemala: Notes On Recent Rebel Activity Deborah Tyroler
08 Summary Of Recent Critiques Of Panama's Government & Opposition To U.S. Occupation, Influence Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaragua: 3,000 Demonstrators Demand Immediate Contra Demobilization Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaraguan Vice President Calls For Elimination Of Armies Deborah Tyroler
29 Panama: Government Plans To Sue Noriega For $5 Billion Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Army Cutbacks "not Possible" Deborah Tyroler
06 Guatemala: On Agreement Between Rebels & Political Parties Deborah Tyroler
01 Salvadoran Human Rights Organization Presents Balance Sheet Of Pres. Cristiani's First Year In Office Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaragua: 900% Inflation In First Half Of 1990 Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: Chamber Of Commerce Wants To Maintain Trade Relations With Cuba Deborah Tyroler
06 Panama: Police Set Up Surveillance Of Venezuelan Embassy Deborah Tyroler
29 Costa Rica: Opposition Party Refuses To Approve Tax Hikes Deborah Tyroler
01 Panama: Opposition Group Demands Release Of Persons Imprisoned After U.S. Invasion Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Military Occupation Of University Ends Deborah Tyroler
01 Tegucigalpa: Regional Forum Participants Call For Reduced Military Budgets, More Health Spending Deborah Tyroler
01 University Of El Salvador Appeal For Assistance To Protest Government's Attempt To Restrict Academic Freedom Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaragua: Military To Be Cut By Half Deborah Tyroler
06 Background On Guatemalan Rebels Deborah Tyroler
06 Panama: European Photographers Injured In Invasion Consider Law Suit Against U.S. Government Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaragua: Barricada On New Contra-government Agreement Deborah Tyroler
08 On British Aid To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
06 Panama: U.S. Army Commander Cisneros Transferred Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua's National Assembly President: Free Elections & Economic Growth Alone Insufficient For Stable Democracies Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Death Squads Suspected In Recent Killings Deborah Tyroler