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The following articles were published in NotiCen in May of 1990.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 Nicaragua: On Evidence Of Split Within Ruling Coalition Deborah Tyroler
16 El Salvador: Government & Rebels Prepare For First Round Of Peace Talks Mediated By U.N. Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemalans In Los Angeles Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: On Contras' Refusal To Disarm Deborah Tyroler
25 Salvadoran Government & Rebels Establish Tentative Agenda For Cease-fire Deborah Tyroler
25 El Salvador: Rebels Attack Southern Command Helicopter Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
04 El Salvador: Report On Recent Human Rights Abuses Deborah Tyroler
30 El Salvador: Army Officers Directed Burning Of Evidence In Killings Of Jesuit Priests Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Interior Minister Rejects Creation Of New Police Force Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: Public Employees Declare Indefinite Strike Deborah Tyroler
30 On Nicaraguan Contras & Family Members Remaining In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
09 Salvadoran Rebels & Political Party Representatives Meet In Mexico City Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Currency Devaluation, Note On Foreign Debt, Cash Reserves Deborah Tyroler
02 U.S. Senate Approves Bill Including $720 Million For Panama & Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaragua: Contras Sign New Agreement To Disarm In Exchange For Land & Other Material Incentives Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: Mutual Support Group (gam) Stages Sit-in At International Red Cross Office Deborah Tyroler
23 Panama: Hundreds Demonstrate Demanding U.S. Compensation For Destroyed Homes Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: On National Treasury Total When F.s.l.n. Vacated Government Deborah Tyroler
30 Honduras: Central Bank Raises Interest Rates Deborah Tyroler
16 Panama: On Military Budget Deborah Tyroler
02 U.N. Secretary General On Extending Onuca Mandate Deborah Tyroler
09 U.N. Security Council Approves Extension Of Peacekeeping Mission In Central America Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaragua: Contra Demobilization Update Deborah Tyroler
18 Guatemala: Public Transport Company Owners Implement Work Stoppage Deborah Tyroler
02 U.S. House Task Force Says Salvadoran Investigation Of Jesuit Murders At Standstill Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Vice President Godoy Says Loyalty To President Chamorro Should Not Be Confused With Servitude Deborah Tyroler
11 Costa Rican Government To Receive $80 Million From Usaid Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaraguan Public Employee Strikes End: Summary Of Events & Statements Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Update On Contra Suspension Of Disarmament Deborah Tyroler
18 Costa Rica: April Inflation; Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
30 Honduran Coffee Producers Association Reiterates Demand For $50 Million Indemnization From U.S. Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Civilians In Contra Security Zones Disarmed; Heavily Armed Contras Deliver Threats & Jeers Deborah Tyroler
16 Organization Of American States: Money For Contras In Demobilization Camps Almost Exhausted Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaraguan President On Decision To Retain Gen. Ortega As Army Chief Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: New Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: National Assembly Approves Changes In Civil Service Legislation Deborah Tyroler
18 Panama: Foreign Minister Denies Government Has Ceded Islands To U.S. Military Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: President Annuls Agrarian Reform, Orders Review Of Confiscations & Laws Approved In Feb. 25-april 25 Period Deborah Tyroler
04 Salvadoran Rebels Attack Numerous Targets To Protest Continuing Military Human Rights Abuses Deborah Tyroler
30 Supplemental Spending Bill Containing Aid For Panama & Nicaragua Approved Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: National Assembly Approves General Amnesty For 3,000 Prisoners Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemala: Four Soldiers Killed In El Peten Department Deborah Tyroler
04 Panama: Vice President Denies Coup Attempt Deborah Tyroler
16 Salvadoran Deputy Defense Minister Flees To Miami Deborah Tyroler
25 Honduras: Catholic Bishops Request Annulment Of Economic Austerity Policies Deborah Tyroler
09 El Salvador: Pieces Of Evidence Missing In Investigation Of Nov. 16 Jesuit Murders; Washington Calls For Action Deborah Tyroler
16 Summary: Nicaraguan Government Repeals Civil Service & Agrarian Reform Legislation, Public Employees Strike Deborah Tyroler
09 Guatemala Becomes Signatory To U.N. Convention Against Torture Deborah Tyroler
02 Honduras: May Day Celebrated By Mass Protest Against Economic Policies Deborah Tyroler
25 El Salvador: Bishop Rosa Chavez On Military Impunity Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: Economy & Development Minister Says Exports Key To Growth Deborah Tyroler
04 Honduras: Bomb Explosions In San Pedro Sula Deborah Tyroler
25 Salvadoran Businesspersons Condemn Coffee Boycott Promoted By U.S. Organization Deborah Tyroler
02 Panama: Mass Grave Opened Containing Bodies Of 124 Killed During U.S. Invasion Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaragua: Cordoba Devalued 11.1% Deborah Tyroler
30 El Salvador: Americas Watch Criticizes Rebels For Executions & Delivering Death Sentences Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: 9% Currency Devaluation, Transport Subsidy Abolished, Price Hikes On Public Services Deborah Tyroler
11 Reflections On Guatemala's Human Rights Abuse Performance & Recent Public Expressions Of U.S. Concern Deborah Tyroler
18 Panama: Explosion At President's Party Headquarters Deborah Tyroler
30 U.S. Returns Control Over Part Of Ft. Amador To Panama Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: University Students Demonstrate; Transport Workers Strike Deborah Tyroler
04 El Salvador: Bishop Rosa Chavez Denounces President For Threatening To Cut Social Welfare Spending Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Contras Claim Massacre By Army, Suspend Talks With Government On Resuming Disarmament, May 24-28 Deborah Tyroler
25 El Salvador: U.S. Congressional Report Says Human Rights Violations Ignored In Military Promotions Deborah Tyroler
23 Panama: Arrest Orders Issued For Opposition Party Leaders Deborah Tyroler
11 Background On Costa Rica's New President Deborah Tyroler
25 El Salvador: 200 Political Prisoners Demanding General Amnesty Participate In Hunger Strike Deborah Tyroler
04 Guatemala: Human Rights Activist Assassinated Deborah Tyroler
30 La Estrella Reports U.S. Plans To Build Submarine Base In Panama Deborah Tyroler
16 Guatemala: Two Recipients Of Death Threats Seek Refuge In Red Cross Office, Request Safe Passage Out Of Country Deborah Tyroler
23 Two New Devaluations Of Nicaraguan Cordoba Deborah Tyroler
18 El Salvador: Notes On Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
02 May Day In Guatemala: Protests Against Economic Policy, Demands For Demilitarization, End Of Civil Defense Patrols Deborah Tyroler
23 U.S. Congress Conference Committee Completes Negotiations On Bill Containing Aid For Nicaragua & Panama Deborah Tyroler
18 Guatemala: President Cerezo Denies Links With Cuban Exile Posada Carriles Deborah Tyroler
04 Panama: Gen. Noriega's Attorneys File Motion To Withdraw From Case, Result Of Freeze On Defendant's Money Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Contras Say They Will Not Demobilize; Government Claims Disarmament Will Continue Deborah Tyroler
09 El Salvador: President Says Military Spending Level To Be Maintained, Regardless Of Possible U.S. Aid Reduction Deborah Tyroler
04 Panama: Remains Of Gen. Omar Torrijos Stolen Deborah Tyroler
04 El Salvador: Retired Col. Ochoa Says Senior Officers Involved In Jesuit Killings; Military Commanders Furious Deborah Tyroler
16 Defense Minister Gen. Gramajo To Retire Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: Contras Say They Will Not Demobilize (again) Deborah Tyroler
11 Harry Shlaudeman Appointed U.S. Ambassador To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
16 Americas Watch Calls On U.S. Government To Suspend All Aid To Guatemala, Excepting Assistance Channeled To Needy Deborah Tyroler
09 Guatemala: Over 4,000 Assassinations Since Cerezo Installed In 1986 Deborah Tyroler
04 Power Blackouts Throughout Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
11 U.S. Army Files Murder Charges Against Two More U.S. Soldiers Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: President Chamorro Requests $40 Million Loan From U.S. Deborah Tyroler
11 El Salvador: Rebel Objectives In Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
04 U.S. President Nominates Panamanian For Canal Commission Chief Administrator Post Deborah Tyroler
04 El Salvador: 40,000 Participants In May Day Parade Protest Government Economic Policies, Demand End To War Deborah Tyroler
02 May Day In Nicaragua: Fsln Labor Group Demands Pay Hikes; Contra Demobilization; Uno Groups, Gen. Ortega's Removal Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: Update On Contra Demobilization Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Protests Against President's Annulment Of Agrarian Reform Begin Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Contras Postpone Disarmament Deborah Tyroler
09 El Salvador: Round Of Peace Talks Scheduled For May 16 Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Army Chief Ortega Says He Plans To Propose Name Change For Sandinista Popular Army Deborah Tyroler
04 Guatemala: President Again Denies Coup Attempt Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Government Agrees To More Concessions, Contras To Resume Demobilization, May 29-30 Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: Rebel & Political Party Delegates Meet In Spain Deborah Tyroler
02 Notes On Panamanian President's Visits In U.S. Deborah Tyroler
18 President Bush Says $40 Million Loan For Nicaragua Not Possible Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemala: On Bus Drivers' Strike Deborah Tyroler
09 Costa Rica: President Calderon Inaugurated Deborah Tyroler