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The following articles were published in NotiCen in May of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
31 U.N. Secretary General Says Central American Peace Accord Stalled Deborah Tyroler
26 Panama: Update On Oas Mission, Related Developments Deborah Tyroler
24 Central America: Total Population, Cumulative Growth Rates By Country, 1960-1987 (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
24 Central American Nations: Gross Domestic Product Per Capita, 1960-1987 (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
26 El Salvador: Two Mexican Citizens Killed By Soldiers Deborah Tyroler
05 U.S. & Nicaragua Granting Visas To Diplomats Deborah Tyroler
31 U.N. Sponsors Conference To Plan Resettlement Of Central American Refugees, Displaced (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
17 Gorbachev Says Soviet Military Aid To Nicaragua Cut Off In Early 1989 Deborah Tyroler
03 Jesuit-run University In San Salvador Bombed Deborah Tyroler
05 Nicaragua: Government Responds To Farm Crisis; Questions Remain About Funding Sources Deborah Tyroler
12 Attempted Coup In Guatemala: Account Of Developments Deborah Tyroler
26 Salvadoran President-elect Selects Defense Minister Deborah Tyroler
31 Notes On Nicaragua's Economic Strategy Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan Election Poll Results Show Fsln Lead Deborah Tyroler
24 Panamanian Guards Employed By Company Contracted By U.S. Government Detained Deborah Tyroler
19 Update On Plan For Dismantlement Of Nicaraguan Contra Army Deborah Tyroler
24 Panamanian Government Prohibits Street Demonstrations Until At Least June 5 Deborah Tyroler
19 Soviet Officials Make Public Statement On Halting Weapons Shipments To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
19 Costa Rica: Charges Against John Hull Dropped Deborah Tyroler
19 Oas Resolution On Panama: Summary, Reactions Deborah Tyroler
05 Nicaraguan Government's Release Of Former Guardsmen Prisoners: Notes On Aftermath, New Issues Deborah Tyroler
31 Central American Summit To Take Place Before June 15 Deborah Tyroler
19 Nicaragua: 2.9% Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
24 Structure & Growth Of Gdp By Sector, Central American Nations, 1960-87 (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
05 Panama: Opposition Candidates Predict Victory In May 7 Polls Deborah Tyroler
26 U.N. Secretary General: Impossible To Send Verification Team To Central America Deborah Tyroler
12 Panama: Summary Of Developments, May 10 Deborah Tyroler
24 Salvadoran Rebels Launch Another Offensive Deborah Tyroler
24 Gross Official International Monetary Reserves, Central American Nations, 1980-1988 (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
26 Honduras: Catholic Church Accuses U.S. Of Launching Religious Invasion Deborah Tyroler
26 Salvadoran Rebel Command Acknowledges "errors" Resulting In Civilian Deaths Deborah Tyroler
24 Guatemala: Summary Of Recent Reports Of Human Rights Abuses, Violence Deborah Tyroler
19 Guatemalan Defense Minister Denies U.S. Troops Assisting Army In War Against Guerrillas Deborah Tyroler
05 Central America: Basic Socio-economic Overview Statistics Deborah Tyroler
19 Nicaragua: Contras Meet With Domestic Opposition Parties In Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
31 Organization Of American States Mission Leaves Panama Deborah Tyroler
12 El Salvador: New Death Squad Criticizes Government For Permitting Rebel Wounded To Leave Country For Treatment Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaragua: Differences Among Opposition Coalition Delay Preparations For Election Campaign Deborah Tyroler
10 Panama: Pre-election Day Events & Statements, Part 1 Deborah Tyroler
19 Panama: Opposition General Strike A Failure Deborah Tyroler
19 Recent U.S. Congressional Actions On Aid To Guatemala: Notes Deborah Tyroler
17 Nicaragua: President Ortega To Seek Re-election In February Deborah Tyroler
03 Bush Warns Panama About Electoral Fraud Deborah Tyroler
24 Panama: Evacuations Of U.S. Employees & Dependents Deborah Tyroler
26 El Salvador: Update On Rebel Offensive; Fmln Announces Transport Strike On Inauguration Day Deborah Tyroler
26 Salvadoran President Defends Evacuation Of Rebel Wounded Deborah Tyroler
24 Panama: Noriega Addresses U.S. Demands, Denies Link To Beatings Of Opposition Candidates Deborah Tyroler
26 I.m.f. Approves $52 Million Loan For Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan Air Force Captain & Flight Engineer Seek Asylum In Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
03 Panama: Elite Military Unit & 10,000 Militia Volunteers Placed On Alert Until After May 7 Elections Deborah Tyroler
24 Honduras Demands Nicaraguan Withdrawal Of Suit Before Arrival Of U.N. Monitoring Team & Contra Demobilization Deborah Tyroler
12 Salvadoran Rebels Launch Major Offensive Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Costa Rican Ambassador's Activities Under Investigation By Government Deborah Tyroler
31 U.S. Ambassador Clashes With Salvadoran Army Officer Deborah Tyroler
12 $50 Million For 1989 Pledged To Nicaragua At Stockholm Conference Deborah Tyroler
05 Panama: Opposition Presidential Candidate Says Government Plans Electoral Fraud, & Will Use Troops To Quell Protests Deborah Tyroler
24 Latin American Bishops Call On U.S. To Lift Trade Embargoes Against Nicaragua & Panama Deborah Tyroler
24 Organization Of American States Delegation Arrives In Panama Deborah Tyroler
17 Panama: Summary Of Developments, May 11-15 Deborah Tyroler
31 Salvadoran Rebels Propose Talks With New Arena Government Deborah Tyroler
24 U.S. Demonstrates Military Might In Panama Deborah Tyroler
03 Central American Summit Postponed Deborah Tyroler
12 West German Chancellor Sets Conditions On Aid To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
05 Panama: Pro-government Coalition Calls For End To Dispute With U.S. Based On Mutual Respect Deborah Tyroler
19 El Salvador: Civil Defense Unit Organized By Rightists In Wealthy Neighborhoods Disbanded Deborah Tyroler
19 Panama: Discussion In U.S. Congress On Potential Military Response, Bill To Defer Treaty Obligation Deborah Tyroler
31 Salvadoran Rebels Attack 1st Brigade Headquarters In Capital Deborah Tyroler
03 Interview: Nicaraguan Vice President Sergio Ramirez On Current Economic & Political Conditions Deborah Tyroler
26 Nicaragua: More On Donations For Economic Reconstruction Deborah Tyroler
05 Nicaragua: Social Christian Party Leader Exiled In Costa Rica Announces Plans To Return Home Deborah Tyroler
10 Election Day In Panama: Summary Of Events & Statements, Part 2 Deborah Tyroler
12 Gam Says At Least 100 Clandestine Cemeteries In Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
05 Panamanian President Says Break In Relations With U.S. Would Serve As Pretext For Invasion Deborah Tyroler
05 Panama: Religious Leaders Warn That Elections Will Not Solve Political Crisis Deborah Tyroler
03 On Major Candidates In Costa Rica's February Elections Deborah Tyroler
10 Panama: Post-election Day Summary Of Events & Statements (may 8-9), Part 3 Deborah Tyroler
03 Panama To Apply Censorship On Reporting Of Election Count & Results Not Derived From Official Sources Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan Government Extends Cease-fire; Reports On Military Clashes Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Appeals Court Overturns Conviction Of Four Accused Of Espionage For Cia Deborah Tyroler
03 Panama: Foreign Journalists Association Issues Protest Deborah Tyroler
26 Nicaragua Expels Two U.S. Diplomats Deborah Tyroler
24 Macro Economic Indicators, Central America, 1984-1988 (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan President Receives Promises Of Aid From Greece & Sweden Deborah Tyroler