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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Mar of 1989.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
15 Nicaragua To Release Imprisoned Former National Guardsmen On March 19 Deborah Tyroler
08 On Bush Administration's Plans For Aid To Nicaraguan Contras Deborah Tyroler
01 Honduran Military Supports Dismantlement Of Nicaraguan Contras Deborah Tyroler
10 State Department On Soviet & East Bloc Aid To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
01 Japan & Costa Rica Negotiate Foreign Debt Reduction Deborah Tyroler
15 Salvadoran Rebels Announce National Transport Ban To Support Election Boycott Deborah Tyroler
08 Democrat Rep. Lee Hamilton Concerned Over Costa Rica's Treatment Of John Hull Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduran President On Contra Demobilization Plans Deborah Tyroler
17 Salvadoran President: Rebels Attempt To Assist Arena By Disrupting Elections To Undermine Center Deborah Tyroler
24 On Honduran "shift" In Policy Regarding Contras' Stay Deborah Tyroler
03 Harassment Of Catholic Church Workers By Honduran Security Forces Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaragua: 9.5% Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
08 March 30-31 Meeting In San Jose Set For Reviewing Nicaraguan Contra Resettlement Plan Deborah Tyroler
15 Central American Diplomats Discuss Organizing Peacekeeping Force At United Nations Deborah Tyroler
22 El Salvador: Foreign Reporters, Archbishop, Press Associations Call For Enquiry Into Journalists' Deaths Deborah Tyroler
01 U.S. Southern Command Chief: Washington Cannot Deal With Panamanian Crisis Due To Policy Vacuum Deborah Tyroler
24 Republicans & Democrats Reach Tentative Agreement On Contra Aid Deborah Tyroler
15 Costa Rica: Hull Released From Prison On Bail Deborah Tyroler
01 Nicaraguan Defense Ministry Report On Border Attacks Deborah Tyroler
22 Arena Wins Salvadoran Presidency; On Low Voter Turnout, Rebel Tactics, Response In U.S., Related Matters Deborah Tyroler
03 Guatemalan President: U.S. Support Or Mere Acceptance Necessary For Fulfillment Of Recent Summit Agreement Deborah Tyroler
10 Panama Refuses To Support Canal Toll Increase Deborah Tyroler
22 Nicaragua: On Mass Release Of Guardsmen Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Democratic Convergence Offers New Proposal; Blames Government & Arena For Scuttling Rebel Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaraguan Contra Tribunal Finds Six Guilty Of Torture & Other Human Rights Abuses Deborah Tyroler
31 Nicaragua: Notes On Opposition Parties' Demands For Electoral Procedure Reforms Deborah Tyroler
10 G.a.o. Criticizes Eight Years Of U.S. Policy Toward Central America Deborah Tyroler
15 On Salvadoran Military's "cover-up" Of Atlacatl Battalion's Feb. 13 Attack On Guerrilla Field Hospital Deborah Tyroler
29 Notes On Central American Refugees From Mexico & U.S. (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
29 Japan To Donate $2.86 Million In Aid To Central American & African Refugees Deborah Tyroler
17 Nicaraguan Government Permits Return Of Foreign Priests Expelled In 1984 Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: Opposition Leader Warns Of Possible Coup Following May 7 Election Deborah Tyroler
03 Panama: Opposition Coalition Organizes Demonstration To Protest Continued Rule By Gen. Noriega Deborah Tyroler
17 Nicaragua Releases Former Guardsmen Two Days Ahead Of Schedule Deborah Tyroler
15 Panama: Oil Spill, Result Of Collision At Pacific Ocean Entrance To Canal Deborah Tyroler
22 Mines Located In Region Of Nicaraguan Contra Camps Deborah Tyroler
10 Guatemala: University Student Leaders Receive Death Threats Deborah Tyroler
22 U.S. Officials In El Salvador Say Cuba & Soviet Bloc Countries Upgrading Rebels' Arsenal Deborah Tyroler
31 Notes On Land Ownership Inequality: El Salvador & Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
31 Nicaraguan Delegation Travels To Honduras To Begin Negotiations On Release Of Prisoners Held By Contras Deborah Tyroler
29 Tokyo Denies Involvement In Private Plan To Build Canal In Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: President Ortega Meets With Cardinal Obando To Prepare For Resumption Of National Dialogue Deborah Tyroler
17 Mexican Government Declines Invitation To Send Observers For Salvadoran Election Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Demonstrators Demand Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
31 Nicaragua Presents Anti-drug Trafficking Plan Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemala's New Program To Pacify Indians Looks Like Old One Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Currency Devaluation Deborah Tyroler
17 El Salvador: Positions By Democratic Convergence & National Unity Of Salvadoran Workers On Election Boycott Deborah Tyroler
17 Honduras Supports Bush Administration's Intent To Request Humanitarian Aid For Contras Deborah Tyroler
29 10,000 Guatemalans Residing In Belize Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Contras Leaving Base Camps In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
08 Salvadoran Leftist Presidential Candidate Meets With Bush Administration Officials Deborah Tyroler
15 Salvadoran Rebels Open To Talks If Elections May Yet Be Postponed; President Duarte Confirms March 19 Vote Deborah Tyroler
24 Panama: Ousted President Lives In Miami, To Assume Life As Businessperson After Election Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaragua: Barricada On Contra Movements Deborah Tyroler
15 El Salvador: Demonstrators Express Support Of Rebel Election Boycott Deborah Tyroler
17 Report On Salvadoran Rebel Activities On Eve Of Election Deborah Tyroler
08 Reports On Fighting In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
01 Southern Command Protests Mistreatment Of U.S. Soldier By Panamanian Military Deborah Tyroler
17 El Salvador: Poll Results On Eve Of Election Deborah Tyroler
15 Former Contra Directorate Member, Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, Requests Authorization To Open Private Tv Channel Deborah Tyroler
22 Despite "reservations," U.S. Does Not Plan To Veto Plans For U.N. Central America Observer Force Deborah Tyroler
08 Guatemalan Rebels Report On Casualties, Fighting Deborah Tyroler
17 El Salvador: Civilian Judge Indicts & Imprisons Military Officers Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Opposition Demonstration In Leon Deborah Tyroler
17 Salvadoran Rebel Commander On Purpose Of Military Offensive, Election Boycott Deborah Tyroler
29 U.S. Says No Contra Military Operations, Cuts Support Payments To Leaders, Urges Return To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
01 Eec, Contadora & Central American Ministers Meet In Honduras To Discuss Economic Aid Deborah Tyroler
17 Note On Guatemalan Death Squads Deborah Tyroler
31 Venezuelan President Asked To Pressure Nicaraguan Government By U.S. Deborah Tyroler
01 Vice President Quayle On Central American Summit Agreement Deborah Tyroler
08 On Human Rights Abuses In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
08 Salvadoran Rebels Call For Election Boycott, Announce New Military Offensive Deborah Tyroler
03 Notes On Fighting In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
29 Panamanian Military Announces State Of Alert In Response To Alleged "plot" Between U.S. & Christian Democrats Deborah Tyroler
29 On White House-congressional Contra Aid Agreement Deborah Tyroler
22 El Salvador: Summary Of Events & Statements, March 17-19 Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaraguan President Urges U.S. To Assist In Release Of Prisoners Held By Contras Deborah Tyroler
29 U.S. Accuses Panama Of Harassing Canal Employees Deborah Tyroler
03 Honduras: Rightist Death Squad Distributes Leaflets Threatening Life Of Human Rights Leader Deborah Tyroler
24 Guatemalan Government On Salvadoran Election Deborah Tyroler
15 Restive Honduran Military—ready To Bite The Hand That Feeds It Deborah Tyroler
15 Salvadoran Military Acknowledges Responsibility For Sept. 21 Massacre Deborah Tyroler
31 Bush Administration Urges Soviet Union To Cut Off Aid To Nicaragua, Or Apply Conditions To Aid Deborah Tyroler
29 Mexico "unofficially" Expanding Cooperation With U.S. To Reduce Flow Of Central American Refugees Deborah Tyroler
01 Soviet Ambassador In Nicaragua Praises Peace Plan, Says Ussr To Reassess Weapons Aid To Managua Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran Rebels Reject Military Ceasefire Plan; President Names Commission To Discuss Postponement Of Election Deborah Tyroler
15 Panama Suspends International Telephone Service To U.S. Southern Command Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemalan Prison Inmates Take Hostages, Exchange Fire With Security Forces Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Government Requests Oas Monitor When Release Of Former Guardsmen From Prison Underway Deborah Tyroler
24 U.S. Auditors Find Evidence Of Torture & Other Abuses By Contras Against Prisoners Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Contra & Domestic Opposition Leaders Meet With Venezuelan President Perez In Caracas Deborah Tyroler
01 Report On Violence In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaraguan Cardinal On General Amnesty Deborah Tyroler
24 Summary Of Salvadoran Elections To 1985 Deborah Tyroler
01 Panama: Ranking Military Officers Meet With Civilian Presidential Candidate To Discuss Upcoming Elections Deborah Tyroler
10 Salvadoran Rebels Call Off Talks Until After Elections; Calls On Supporters To Boycott Balloting Deborah Tyroler
08 On Fy1990 Military Assistance Request For El Salvador & Honduras Deborah Tyroler
17 Nicaraguan Delegation To Visit Contra Base Camps Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaraguan Reaction To U.S. Accord On Contra Aid Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan Government Extends Ceasefire Deborah Tyroler
01 Salvadoran President Offers Counterproposal To Rebel Peace Plan: A Summary Of Events & Statements, Feb. 26-28 Deborah Tyroler
31 Central American Foreign Ministers Reach Agreement On U.N. Monitoring Force Deborah Tyroler
15 El Salvador: Arena Presidential Campaign Pledges Deborah Tyroler
03 Secretary Of State Baker & Congressional Leaders Discuss Resumption Of Non-lethal Aid To Nicaraguan Contras Deborah Tyroler
01 Contra Supply Plane Crashes In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
24 El Salvador: Official Election Results, Statements By President-elect Deborah Tyroler
15 Bush To Request $50 Million For Contra Non-lethal Aid; Honduras Asked To Permit Contras To Stay For Another Year Deborah Tyroler
31 Guatemala: Prison Revolt Ends Deborah Tyroler
10 Honduran Foreign Minister: Contras Should Not Be Disbanded Until Managua Fulfills "promise" Deborah Tyroler
10 Salvadoran Elections May Be Postponed Deborah Tyroler
17 Nicaragua Requests U.N. & O.a.s. Observer Teams During 10-month Campaign, & Feb. 1990 Election Deborah Tyroler
08 Guatemalan President On Bush Administration's Attitude Toward Central American Peace Process Deborah Tyroler