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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Nov of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
23 El Salvador: Unts Rally To Protest U.S. Intervention Deborah Tyroler
11 Over 700 Salvadoran Refugees Return Home From Honduras Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Government Officials Guardedly Optimistic About New U.S. Administration Deborah Tyroler
11 Interview: Mario Solarzano Martinez, Secretary Of Democratic Socialist Party, Guatemala Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: U.N. High Commission For Refugees Announces $200,000 Disaster Relief Contribution Deborah Tyroler
16 U.N. Special Representative: Human Rights Abuses Escalate In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
23 Organization Of American States General Assembly: Notes On Central America Resolutions Deborah Tyroler
09 Guatemala: Health Promoter Disappeared Deborah Tyroler
30 Costa Rica Receives $40 Million Grant From U.S. Aid Deborah Tyroler
16 O.a.s. General Assembly Meeting Underway In San Salvador Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Report On Hurricane Disaster Relief Activities Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: Notes On Aid, Reconstruction After Hurricane Deborah Tyroler
09 Summary: Conflict Surrounding Cardinal Obando's Receipt Of Vehicles Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Appellate Court Releases 16 Of 38 Persons Arrested In July At Nandaime Deborah Tyroler
09 Guatemala: "national Dialogue" Session Set For Nov. 7 Deborah Tyroler
23 El Salvador's Civil War Spreading To The City Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemalan Human Rights Commission Issues Urgent Alert Deborah Tyroler
09 Americas Watch Rep. Prevented From Returning To Honduras Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaragua: Notes On Financial Support By Relatives In United States Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemala: Government Purchases 20,000 M16 Rifles, Seeks Acquisition Of U.S.-made Copters Deborah Tyroler
30 Notes On Hurricane Damage, Panama & Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
09 Commentary On Recent U.S.-honduran Military Treaty Protocol Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Contras Abduct 9 Persons Evaluating Hurricane Damage Deborah Tyroler
23 "obando-gate": On Tensions Between Nicaraguan Government & Catholic Church Hierarchy Deborah Tyroler
09 On Nicaraguan Government's Prohibitions Applied To U.S. Aid Deborah Tyroler
09 El Salvador: More On Rebel Bombing Of National Guard Headquarters Deborah Tyroler
02 Salvadoran Armed Forces Chief Of Staff Reassigned Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaraguan Government Lifts State Of Emergency Deborah Tyroler
04 Contra Lobbyist Says Reagan Damaged Cause By Use Of "excessive Rhetoric" Deborah Tyroler
16 Salvadoran Rebels Declare Unilateral Truce During O.a.s. General Assembly Deborah Tyroler
30 Government Steps Up Harassment Of University Of El Salvador Community Deborah Tyroler
23 El Salvador: Archbishop Calls For Investigation Of Three Civilian Slayings Deborah Tyroler
04 Honduran Government Considers Expulsion Of Contras Deborah Tyroler
18 Sec. Shultz Reiterates Support For Nicaraguan Contras Deborah Tyroler
04 Hurricane Infrastructure Damage By Region (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Contras Attack In Wake Of Hurricane Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaraguan President Invites U.S. To Participate In Bilateral Talks Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaraguan President On U.S. Administration Under George Bush Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Cuadra On Need For "understanding" With U.S. Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Three Of 38 Arrested In July Provisionally Released From Prison Deborah Tyroler
30 Tri-national Efforts To Develop Alternative Uses Of Panama Canal Stalled Deborah Tyroler
11 Honduras: Note On Murders & Disappearances Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Note On Hurricane Disaster Relief Deborah Tyroler
18 In Consensus Vote, U.N. General Assembly Approves Resolution Expressing Support For Central American Plan Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Hurricane Joan, Chronology Of Events Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry On Suit Against Honduras Deborah Tyroler
02 Salvadoran President Defends Human Rights Record Deborah Tyroler
02 Interview: Guatemalan Defense Minister Addresses Armed Forces' Perspective On Political Situation Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: Soviet Ambassador Demonstrates Shift In Ussr's Foreign Policy Approach Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaragua: Government Brings Suit Against Two Union Leaders Charged With Slander Deborah Tyroler
04 El Salvador: Rebels Attack National Guard Barracks In San Salvador Deborah Tyroler
16 Guatemalan Human Rights Commission Issues Urgent Alert, Part 2 Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: More On Hurricane Joan Damage Reports Deborah Tyroler
04 Hurricane Casualties By Region (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
11 Foreign Minister: Bush Administration Will Not Change Policy On Panama Deborah Tyroler
04 El Salvador: Former Members Of Security Forces Serving Time In Prison Take Hostages Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: On New Weekly Newspaper, La Cronica Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Updated Account Of Hurricane Disaster Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Notes On Tourism Industry Deborah Tyroler
30 22 Die In Contra Attack In Eastern Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
02 Honduras: 40,000 Public Employees On Strike Deborah Tyroler
02 El Salvador: U.S. Agency For International Development Headquarters Attacked Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama: Restrictions On Savings Deposit Withdrawals Reduced Deborah Tyroler
18 Central American Foreign Minister To Meet In Mexico City; Costa Rica Proposes International Border Verification Force Deborah Tyroler
16 Guatemala: On Escalation Of Political Violence Deborah Tyroler
30 Guatemala: Guerrillas Held Responsible For Massacre Of 21 Civilians Deborah Tyroler
02 Rebel Commanders Meet With San Salvador Archbishop In Panama City Deborah Tyroler
09 Honduras: Battalion 316 Continues Acts Of Political Violence Deborah Tyroler
11 Bush Declares Support For Nicaraguan Contras Deborah Tyroler
04 Delvalle Offers To Give Up Claim As President Of Panama Deborah Tyroler