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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jun of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
29 Nicaraguan Proposal To Request That U.N. Send Observers To Verify Compliance With Peace Accord Rejected Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Interior Ministry Arrests Economist; Temporarily Shuts Down News Programs Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: Recent Statements & Events, June 4-6 Deborah Tyroler
01 House Rejects Attempt To Resume Contra Military Aid Deborah Tyroler
29 Contras Return To Nicaragua In Expectation Of Resumed Fighting Deborah Tyroler
10 Salvadoran Soldiers Capture Two Men On Lutheran Church Property Deborah Tyroler
03 Contras Continue Terrorism In Nicaraguan Countryside Deborah Tyroler
01 Panama: Statements, Events, May 24-29 Deborah Tyroler
29 Gen. Noriega May Consider Stepping Down To Enter Race For Presidency Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaraguan Peace Talks: Summary Of Developments Deborah Tyroler
29 Disagreements Within Contra Ranks Continue Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan Ceasefire Extended Until June 9 Deborah Tyroler
10 El Salvador: Note On Political Murders Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran Rebels Report On Army Casualties In May Deborah Tyroler
10 Honduras Joins Central American Parliament Deborah Tyroler
29 Contadora Nations To Renew Mediation Efforts In Central America Deborah Tyroler
10 Further Evidence Of Honduran Lack Of Enthusiasm For Continued Contra Presence Deborah Tyroler
10 El Salvador: Employees Of State Lottery Denounce Fraud, Continue Strike Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: In May 5,000 Miskitos Return From Honduras Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: On Reports Of Contra Kidnappings Of Civilians Deborah Tyroler
29 On Possible Resumption Of Negotiations Between Nicaraguan Government & Contras Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Government & Contras Exchange Truce Violation Accusations Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Report On Child Victims Of War, Contra Violations Of Ceasefire Deborah Tyroler
01 Progress Reported In Nicaraguan Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
08 El Salvador: Note On Recent Killings Deborah Tyroler
01 Document: House Democratic Caucus Resolution On Administration Violation Of Sapoa Agreement Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaragua: Report On Malnutrition Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaraguan Contras Lay Off Political Staff Deborah Tyroler
29 Panama: Note On Unemployment Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaraguan President Makes Public Amount Sought In Damages From U.S. Deborah Tyroler
10 Report On Nicaraguan Exports Deborah Tyroler
01 El Salvador: Notes On Human Rights Abuses In April Deborah Tyroler
10 Notes On Panamanian Economy Deborah Tyroler
03 Panama: Summary Of Recent Events & Statements Deborah Tyroler
01 Guatemala: Student Reported Disappeared Deborah Tyroler
10 U.S. Tax Dollars For Contras' Deodorant, Tvs, Furniture, Sports Equipment, Domino Sets, Etc. Deborah Tyroler
08 Sanctuary Movement Hearing Underway In Albuquerque, New Mexico Deborah Tyroler
10 Update On Sanctuary Case, Albuquerque, Nm Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Sumo Indian Group Deserts Contra Forces Deborah Tyroler
29 Summary: Reagan Administration Renews Efforts For Contra Military Aid Deborah Tyroler
08 At Conference In Philippines, U.S. & Nicaragua Exchange Accusations Deborah Tyroler
10 Veterans Peace Convoy To Nicaragua Detained By Customs Service In Laredo, Texas Deborah Tyroler
10 Senate To Vote On Foreign Operations Bill; Includes $1 Million For Nicaraguan Opposition Deborah Tyroler
01 Notes On Senate Western Hemisphere Subcommittee Hearings: Reagan & Democrats Renew Contra Aid Disputes Deborah Tyroler
29 Group Of 8 Not Prepared To Readmit Panama Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Report On Violence Among Contra Factions Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran President Has Cancer Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaraguan Defense Ministry Report On Contras Accepting Amnesty, U.S. Activities During 60-day Truce Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan President Calls On Honduras To Expel Contras Deborah Tyroler
29 Central American Leaders To Meet In El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
10 Republicans Introduce "freedom Fighter Assistance Act" Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaraguan President On Secretary Of State Shultz's Trip To Central America Deborah Tyroler
03 Nicaragua: Notes On Debate Concerning Delivery Of U.S. Aid To Contras Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaraguan Government Introduces New Wage, Price, Exchange Rate & Credit Policies Deborah Tyroler
01 Guatemala: National Police Intimidate Textile Workers Deborah Tyroler
08 Fourth Round Of Nicaraguan Peace Talks Underway Deborah Tyroler