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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Apr of 1988.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
13 Statement By Gen. Noriega Received By Congressional Panel: Proof That U.S. Condoned Drug Trafficking In Panama Deborah Tyroler
27 Human Rights Abuses In Guatemala Continue Under Civilian Administration Deborah Tyroler
20 Notes On U.S. Aid To Honduras: Beneficiaries, Impact Deborah Tyroler
20 Supply Flights For Nicaraguan Contras Continue Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Thousands Of Workers On Strike Deborah Tyroler
15 Political Exiles Plan Return To Guatemala; President Threatens Arrest Without First Accepting "amnesty" Deborah Tyroler
29 U.S. Envoy Meets With Panamanian Gen. Noriega To Discuss Plan For Eventual Departure From Power Deborah Tyroler
08 Opposition Leaders Return To Guatemala To Participate In National Reconciliation Talks Deborah Tyroler
06 Anama: Summary Of Developments, April 4-5 Deborah Tyroler
13 Summary Of Disagreements & Process In Nicaraguan Cease-fire Negotiations, April 7-9 Deborah Tyroler
20 Honduran Opinions On Regional Conflict Deborah Tyroler
22 Discussion Of Honduran Situation: Matta Ballesteros, State Of Emergency, Precedents For Anti-u.s. Actions Deborah Tyroler
15 Discussion Of Recent "shock Treatment" Measures For The Nicaraguan Economy Deborah Tyroler
27 Guatemala: On Agreement Between Government & Labor, Development Of Health Workers Strike Deborah Tyroler
29 Summary Of Nicaraguan Ceasefire Talks; Contras Reject Proposal For 30-day Extension Of Current Ceasefire Deborah Tyroler
20 Nicaragua: Four Die In Contra Attack, April 18 Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Formation Of Committee Announced To Examine Proposed Constitutional Amendments Deborah Tyroler
22 Costa Rica: Economic Notes, 1987 Deborah Tyroler
08 Panama: Summary Of Developments, April 6-7 Deborah Tyroler
13 Salvadoran President Acts On Washington's Demand To Prosecute Killers Of U.S. Marines Deborah Tyroler
06 Icaraguan 60-day Truce Begins; Contras Ostpone April 6 Peace Talks In Managua Deborah Tyroler
13 Honduran Demonstrators Damage U.S. Consulate, Property: Summary Of Events & Statements Deborah Tyroler
29 Commentary: Militarization, Not Noriega, Root Of Panama's Problems Deborah Tyroler
29 El Salvador: Note On Military Detention Of Six Residents Of Chalatenango Department Deborah Tyroler
01 Brief Summary: U.S. Contra Funding Deborah Tyroler
29 Nicaragua: Reports On Cease-fire Observance & Violations Deborah Tyroler
22 Demonstration In Tegucigalpa Turns Violent Deborah Tyroler
20 Nicaragua: Discussion Of Contra Foot Dragging In Cease-fire Talks Deborah Tyroler
20 Summary Of Nicaraguan Cease-fire Talk Proceedings, April 13-19 Deborah Tyroler
27 Salvadoran Military Reports On Weekend Casualties Deborah Tyroler
06 Icaragua: Changes In Fsln Party Structure Deborah Tyroler
27 Panama: Summary Of Developments, April 22-26 Deborah Tyroler
22 On The Larger Context Of Honduran Opposition To U.S. Presence, Policies Deborah Tyroler
20 Guatemalan Exiles Detained Upon Arrival; Released After International Outcry Deborah Tyroler
08 Summary: Mcneil Testimony On U.S. "obsession With Nicaragua," Noriega, Arms & Drug Traffic Deborah Tyroler
27 Delayed Mayoral Elections In Northern El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
22 Summary: Background & Recent Events, Human Rights Violations, Movements For Social Change Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaraguan President Charges Contras Receiving Secret Arms Shipments From U.S. Deborah Tyroler
20 On Nicaraguan Government's Lack Of Enthusiasm For U.S. A.i.d. As Channel For Delivery Of New Contra Aid Deborah Tyroler
27 U.S. Economic Embargo Against Nicaragua Extended For Another Year Deborah Tyroler
15 Analysis Of Recent Salvadoran Elections Deborah Tyroler
22 Panama: Summary Of Developments & Statements, April 18-20 Deborah Tyroler
15 Honduras: Notes On Events Preceding & Following Student Demonstrations, Destruction Of U.S. Embassy Property Deborah Tyroler
01 Analysis: Land Grab In Costa Rica By U.S. Investors Another Element Of Regional Destabilization Deborah Tyroler
13 Panama: Summary Of Developments, April 7-11 Deborah Tyroler
06 Uspect In Murder Of Dea Agent Aptured By U.S. In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
27 Guatemalan Church On Agrarian Question Deborah Tyroler
22 Costa Rica: Six Injured In Explosion At U.S. Cultural Center Deborah Tyroler
27 Analysis: Unlike Nicaragua—superpowers Have Little Say In El Salvador's Bitter War Deborah Tyroler
29 Honduran Diplomatic Note To Secretary Of State Shultz Registers Indignation With "high Risk" Status Deborah Tyroler
20 Summary: Americas Watch Report On Guatemalan Human Rights & Related Developments Deborah Tyroler
27 Nicaraguan President's Perspective On U.S. Medical Aid For Nicaraguan Children Deborah Tyroler
22 Family Of Benjamin Linder Files Lawsuit Against Contra Leaders Deborah Tyroler
27 Analysis: Reagan Facing Foreign Policy Debacle In Central America Deborah Tyroler
20 Danish Woman Killed In Managua Deborah Tyroler
22 Study Of Unionization, Work Slowdowns & Strikes In 1986 & 1987, Central American Countries: Summary (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
06 Anama: Summary Of Developments, March 31-april 3 Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaragua: La Prensa Shuts Down For Lack Of Newsprint Deborah Tyroler
29 Interview With Robert Sutcliffe: The Roots Of Nicaragua's Economic Crisis, Part 1 Deborah Tyroler
27 Summary Of Nicaraguan Contra Power Struggle Deborah Tyroler
01 El Salvador: Notes On Recent Human Rights Violations Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguans Discuss Ethics Of U.S. Aid Package Deborah Tyroler
08 Nicaraguan Interior Minister On South American Tour Deborah Tyroler
01 House & Senate Approve $48 Million In Aid To Contras, Nicaraguan Children Deborah Tyroler
15 Nicaragua: Shipload Of Cuban Goods Arrives In Puerto Cabezas Deborah Tyroler
29 Guatemala: Plans For Resumption Of Peace Talks With Rebels Underway Deborah Tyroler
20 Chronology Of Nicaraguan Peace Talks: Summary Of Events & Related Discussions As Of April 13 Deborah Tyroler
13 Nicaragua: 80% Of Foreign Aid In 1988 From Socialist Nations Deborah Tyroler
20 Salvadoran Rightwing Leader Calls For Insurrection Deborah Tyroler
08 Contras Testify On Involvement In Drug Trade Deborah Tyroler
06 L Salvador: Arena Charges Fraud In Vote Count Deborah Tyroler
22 First Deliveries Of U.S. Non-lethal Aid To Contras Made At Honduran Camps Deborah Tyroler
06 Eagan Administration Acts To Strengthen Conomic Embargo Against Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
22 Deposed Gen. Alvarez Returns To Honduras; Placed Under House Arrest Deborah Tyroler
20 Panama: Summary Of Events & Statements, April 15-18 Deborah Tyroler
13 On La Prensa's Newsprint Problems Deborah Tyroler
15 Panama: Summary Of Developments & Statements, April 13-14 Deborah Tyroler
20 Nicaraguan Cordoba Devalued Deborah Tyroler
01 Panama: Summary Of Events & Statements, March 29-31 Deborah Tyroler
01 Honduran Cooperation In U.S. Support Of Contras On The Wane Deborah Tyroler