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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Oct of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
07 Nicaraguan Democratic Coordinator Stages Demonstration In Masaya Deborah Tyroler
28 El Salvador: Reactions To Killing Of Human Rights Crusader Deborah Tyroler
21 Contras Step Up Attacks In Response To Nicaraguan Government's Unilateral Cease-fire Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaraguan Contras Kidnap Witness For Peace Volunteer Paul Fisher Deborah Tyroler
16 Senate Fails To Offer Amendment To State Department Authorization Bill Restricting Travel To Central America Deborah Tyroler
07 Salvadoran President Says He Will Order Unilateral Cease-fire On Nov. 7 Deborah Tyroler
07 Nicaraguan Contras Spurn Sandinista Government's Cease-fire Deborah Tyroler
16 Arias Considering Invitation Of Cenam Leaders To Attend Nobel Award Ceremony Deborah Tyroler
28 Nicaragua Requests Canadian Assistance In Peace Process Deborah Tyroler
28 Reagan Administration Proposal To Change Rules On Applications For Political Asylum Faces Heavy Opposition Deborah Tyroler
30 Reagan Administration May Delay $270 Million Contra Aid Request Until January Deborah Tyroler
28 Contadora & Support Group Ministers On Cenam Peace Process Deborah Tyroler
14 Guatemalan Businesspersons Organize Strike To Protest Tax Laws Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaraguan President Announces Beginning Of Unilateral Cease-fire In Three Departments Deborah Tyroler
30 Costa Rican President Says Nicaragua Must Make New Concessions To Enhance Peace Process Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaragua: F.s.l.n. Formalizes Relations With Ruling Parties In Mainland China & Zimbabwe Deborah Tyroler
30 Salvadoran Rebels Boycott New Round Of Peace Talks Scheduled For Oct. 30-nov. 4 In Mexico City Deborah Tyroler
30 Salvadoran National Assembly Approves Controversial Amnesty Legislation Deborah Tyroler
07 Summary Of Events & Statements, Salvadoran Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaraguan Government's Amnesty Program Via Local Peace Commissions: Newsbrief By Witness For Peace Deborah Tyroler
16 Guatemala: Business Strike Resumed In Protest Of Tax Laws Deborah Tyroler
07 Gao Legal Opinion: Reagan Administration Operated Illegal Propaganda Operation In State Department Deborah Tyroler
14 Over 4,500 Refugees From Mesa Grande Camp In Honduras Return Home To El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
14 Panamanian Government Accuses U.S. Of Violating Canal Agreements Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemala: Note On Recent Abductions In Quezaltenango Deborah Tyroler
02 Vice President Addresses Circumstances Leading To Peace Accord, Risks For Nicaragua In Implementing Accord Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Update On Contra Kidnapping Of U.S. Volunteer Paul Fisher Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Notes On Opposition Activities & Statements Deborah Tyroler
07 Guatemala: Cease-fire Announced, Government & Rebels Participate In Peace Talks In Madrid Deborah Tyroler
23 Large Numbers Of Nicaraguan Refugees Pour Into Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
30 Sandinista Leaders Discuss Treaty Compliance; Statement Rules Out Talks With Contra Leaders, Broad Amnesty Deborah Tyroler
02 El Salvador: Notes On Land Reform Results To Date Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaragua: Deserter From State Security Apparatus Takes O.a.s. Official & Family Hostage In Managua Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaraguan Government Prohibits News Broadcasts By Radio Catolica Deborah Tyroler
09 El Salvador: Human Rights Report, Oct. 2 Deborah Tyroler
23 U.S. Aid To Salvadoran Police Stirs Up Conflict: Human Rights Advocates & Military Oppose Aid Deborah Tyroler
07 White House Imposes New Demands On Nicaragua; Reactions By Nicaraguan Ambassador, Congressional Democrats Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Differences On Amnesty Issue Lead To Street Fight In Managua Deborah Tyroler
23 Panama: National Civic Crusade Protest March & General Strike Fail Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaragua: Miskito Leaders To Arrive In Managua Oct. 24 For Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
28 Nicaragua: Notes On Oct. 15 Contra Attacks In Chontales Department Deborah Tyroler
14 Fr. Giron & Agrarian Reform In Guatemala; Notes On Process & Progress (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
28 Nicaraguan Contra Leaders Meet With Cardinal Obando Y Bravo In New York Deborah Tyroler
16 Salvadoran President Requests Suspension Of U.S. Military Aid To Contras For 150 Days Deborah Tyroler
21 Abrams Warns Cutting Off Contra Aid Now May Obligate Future President To Use Force In Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaragua: High-level Contra Delegation Will Be Sent To Managua For Cease-fire Negotiations Deborah Tyroler
23 Inter-american Dialogue Calls On U.S. To Negotiate Directly With Nicaragua To Resolve Security Concerns Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaraguan Central Bank Issues 20,000 Cordoba Bills Deborah Tyroler
14 Nicaraguan Government Reports On Contra Attacks In Cease-fire Zones Deborah Tyroler
21 House Approves Resolution Calling For Non-military Transitional Government In Panama Deborah Tyroler
02 Honduras: Summary Of Questions Raised By Peace Accord Deborah Tyroler
21 President Duarte Addresses O.a.s.; El Salvador Joins Convention Against Torture Deborah Tyroler
30 Notes On Results Of Border Openings In Northern & Southern Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
07 Panama: English-language Newspaper, Star And Herald, Closed Indefinitely Deborah Tyroler
07 Summary Of New White House Demands On Nicaragua Vs. Central American Peace Plan Provisions (s/s) Deborah Tyroler
23 Honduran President Azcona: U.S. Military Aid To Contras Should Be Suspended Until January Deborah Tyroler
21 Nicaragua: Contras Kidnap Two Clerics Working With Peace Commission In Waslala Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaraguan Indian Leaders Say Government Reneged On Promise To Begin Talks Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaraguan Cardinal Requests Release Of 1,200 Prisoners; Changes Position On Legitimacy Of Military Draft Deborah Tyroler
23 United Nations Dispatches Preliminary Peacekeeping Mission To Central America Deborah Tyroler
07 Nicaraguan Government Withdraws Troops From Three Departments For Month-long Cease-fire Deborah Tyroler
28 Panama: Government Officials Close Vice President's Offices Deborah Tyroler
02 Panama: Political Opposition Organizes More Demonstrations, Weekly Work Stoppages Deborah Tyroler
16 Guatemala: Internal Refugee Groups In Coban, Alta Verapaz Resist Military Control With Church Protection Deborah Tyroler
23 Financial Expert Institute Advises Congress On Restructuring Central American Aid Deborah Tyroler
23 Sen. Gore Says Other Democrat Presidential Candidates Oppose Non-lethal Contra Aid For Fear Of Leftists Deborah Tyroler
02 In Brazil Soviet Foreign Minister Addresses Central American Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
16 Senate Passes Resolution Congratulating Arias For Nobel Peace Prize, Pledging U.S. Support Of Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
14 Resettlement Campaign In U.S. & El Salvador: Background Deborah Tyroler
28 Guatemala: Brief On Recent Abduction & Killings Deborah Tyroler
07 Nicaragua: 400 Contras On Atlantic Coast Accept Amnesty Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama: Liberal Party Withdraws From Ruling Coalition Deborah Tyroler
28 Panama: Notes On Failed Opposition Demonstration, Violent Incidents Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Since Peace Accord, 300 Contras Accept Amnesty In 5th & 6th Military Regions Deborah Tyroler
09 Reagan's Speech To O.a.s. On Central America, Response By Nicaraguan President Deborah Tyroler
14 Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Awarded Nobel Peace Prize Deborah Tyroler
14 Nicaragua: Notes On First Meeting Between Political Opposition & Sandinista Government Deborah Tyroler
14 Jeane Kirkpatrick Delivers Speech In Managua: U.S. Aid Related To U.S. Security Interests In Cenam Deborah Tyroler
28 Salvadoran Human Rights Commission Leader Murdered Deborah Tyroler
09 Inter-american Court Of Human Rights Trying Honduran Government On Charges Of Directing "disappearances" Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaraguan Contras Release Catholic Priest & Adventist Pastor Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaraguan President's U.N. Address: U.S. Invited To Resume Dialogue, Reagan Criticized For Request To Renew Contra Aid Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: Summary Of Recent Contra Attacks Against Civilians Deborah Tyroler
21 Panamanian Government Bans Oct. 22 Demonstration Organized By National Civic Crusade Deborah Tyroler
07 Nicaragua: Talks Between Government & Domestic Political Opposition Begin Deborah Tyroler
28 Nicaragua: Soviet Wheat & Flour Donation Arrives Deborah Tyroler
28 Round Of Negotiations Between Salvadoran Government & Rebels Produces Few Results Deborah Tyroler