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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Sep of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
11 Human Rights In El Salvador: Summary Of Recent Events & Statistics Deborah Tyroler
11 Reagan Reiterates Commitment To Contra Military Aid Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: 17 Central American Prisoners Released Deborah Tyroler
23 Salvadoran President Says Rebels Accept Terms For Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua Not Only Signatory To Regional Peace Accord Deborah Tyroler
25 Salvadoran Rebels Report On Recent Fighting Deborah Tyroler
23 Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Says Diplomatic Relations With Nicaragua Likely To Resume Deborah Tyroler
16 El Salvador: Note On Army Casualties Deborah Tyroler
11 Shultz Informs Congress Of $230 Million Contra Aid Request Deborah Tyroler
23 Latin American Economic System (sela) Issues Call For Political & Economic Support Of Cenam Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: National Reconciliation Commission Headed By Archbishop Obando Y Bravo Deborah Tyroler
02 Panama: Labor Groups Opposed To National Civic Crusade, Pressure Government For Concessions Deborah Tyroler
11 Costa Rican Foreign Minister Reiterates Hopes That U.S. Congress Delays Voting On Contra Aid Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Witness For Peace Reports Feb.-july Death Toll Resulting From Contra Raids On Farm Cooperatives Deborah Tyroler
11 Sen. Dole Dismisses As "hyperbole" Remark About "a Little Three-day Invasion Of Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
30 Salvadoran Minister Requests International Support For Regional Peace Plan, Criticizes Cuba Deborah Tyroler
02 Notes On Black Market In Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
11 Guatemala Establishes National Reconciliation Commission; President Announces Disposition For Dialogue With Rebels Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaragua: Religious & Red Cross To Participate In Amnesty Program Operations Deborah Tyroler
11 Notes On Central American Demographic Realities: "too Many People" Strain Governments' Ability To Cope Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Two Opposition Groups To Seek Television Licenses Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaraguan Politicians Of Diverse Political Persuasions Excited About Prospects For Peace Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua Lifts Ban On La Prensa & Radio Catolica; Prepares To Declare Unilateral Cease-fire Deborah Tyroler
16 Panama: Shooting During Anti-government Demonstration Leaves One Dead; U.S. Diplomat Detained Deborah Tyroler
11 El Salvador: 79 Of Country's 92 Major Bridges Destroyed By Rebels Since 1981 Deborah Tyroler
23 Follow-up On U.S. Retaliation Against Costa Rica Deborah Tyroler
02 Contra Leaders Present "request" To Reagan For Non-lethal Aid & Escrow Military Aid Account Deborah Tyroler
18 House Speaker Wright: Reagan Administration Undermining Cenam Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
09 U.S. Priest In Jail After Protest Against Cenam Policy Reflects On Nicaraguan President's Exchange Offer Deborah Tyroler
18 Sandinista Official Announces Intent To Declare Unilateral Cease-fire, Reopen La Prensa Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaraguan Government Implements Economic Austerity Measures Deborah Tyroler
09 Contra Military Commander Says Cenam Peace Plan Undermining Contra Efforts Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaragua: Nine Die In Contra Attack, Matagalpa Department Deborah Tyroler
23 Costa Rican President Appeals To Reagan & Congress To Give Cenam Peace Plan A Chance Deborah Tyroler
16 Reagan Criticizes Central American Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
11 Reagan Administration Notifies Congress Of Intent To Provide Salvadoran Police With $9.1 Million In Equipment & Weapons Deborah Tyroler
30 Talks Between Salvadoran Government & Rebels Confirmed Deborah Tyroler
25 Reactions To Nicaraguan Government's Actions In Compliance With Regional Peace Accord Deborah Tyroler
09 Economic Improvement In Nicaragua Unlikely Before War Ends Deborah Tyroler
11 El Salvador: Notes On Number Of Prisoners, Mariona & Total Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaragua: Sandinista Leaders Prepare Supporters For Broad-based Changes Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaragua: Report On Clashes With Contras Deborah Tyroler
18 Panamanaian Government Orders Cnn Reporter To Leave Country Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Note On Contra Commander Casualties Deborah Tyroler
18 Nicaraguan Opposition Parties Form "tactical Bloc" Deborah Tyroler
25 El Salvador: Bulletin On Human Rights Abuses Deborah Tyroler
02 Salvadoran Rebels Report Casualty Count, Result Of Counterinsurgency Program Launched In Chalatenango Deborah Tyroler
02 Nicaraguan Domestic Political Opposition Occupied With Infighting Deborah Tyroler
18 Report On Refugees & Contras Returning To Nicaragua Under Amnesty Law Deborah Tyroler
02 La Prensa Ready To Resume Publishing Without Censorship; Billed As Action To Promote National Reconciliation Deborah Tyroler
02 U.N. Secretary General Reiterates Backing For Cenam Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Contra Leaders Address Concerns About Sandinista Compliance With Peace Plan Deborah Tyroler
16 Dialogue Between Salvadoran Government & Rebels Likely Within Next Month Deborah Tyroler
09 Costa Rican President Meets With Salvadoran Rebel Leaders In Role As Mediator To Facilitate Sept. 15 Peace Talks Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua Restructures Debt With Mexico In Hopes Of Resuming Oil Imports Under San Jose Pact Deborah Tyroler
25 Salvadoran Rebels Officially Accept Invitation To Peace Talks With Government Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Notes On Recent Contra Attacks, Jinotega Department Deborah Tyroler
16 Sandinistas Capture Contra Regional Chief; Contra Casualties In Past Month Deborah Tyroler
04 Support For Nicaraguan Contras In U.S. Returns To "pre-north" Rate Deborah Tyroler
30 Nicaragua: Notes On Evidence Of Political Opening Deborah Tyroler
30 Reagan Reiterates Commitment For More Contra Aid; Says Nicaraguan Reforms Probably "mere Show" Deborah Tyroler
09 Notes On Panamanian Government's Ongoing Confrontation With Civic Crusade, State Workers Deborah Tyroler
02 Salvadoran Rebels Offer Proposal For Sept. 12-17 Cease-fire Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaraguan Defense Ministry Report On Contra Casualties Deborah Tyroler
02 Senate Creates Central American Negotiations Observer Group Deborah Tyroler
16 Notes On White House Retaliatory Measures For Costa Rican Failure To Embrace U.S. Cenam Policy Deborah Tyroler
23 Summary: Criticism Mounts Of Reagan's Apparent Disinterest In Peaceful Resolution Of Cenam Conflict Deborah Tyroler
02 Mexican President Reaffirms Importance Of Central America In Nation's Foreign Policy Deborah Tyroler
04 Nicaragua: Debate On Autonomy Legislation Begins Deborah Tyroler
30 Notes On Reopened Border Crossing: Nicaragua Hopes To Draw Citizens Home From Honduras Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: Civilian Casualties, Contra Ambush In Jinotega Deborah Tyroler
02 Senate Delegation Tours Central America: Summary Of Events In Honduras & Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaraguan Vice President & Defense Minister On Reagan Administration's Contra Aid Request Deborah Tyroler
11 Nicaraguan Amnesty Legislation To Be Extended To Prisoners; Notes On Debate Deborah Tyroler
04 Foreign Minister Acknowledges Presence Of Contras In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
23 Sen. Dodd Meets With Nicaraguan President Ortega, Cardinal Obando Y Bravo, Violeta Chamorro Deborah Tyroler
23 Ochoa: Lightening Rod For Salvadoran Army's Anti-u.s. Sentiments Deborah Tyroler
09 Nicaragua: Sandinista Opposition Stages Rally In Chinandega Deborah Tyroler
23 Guatemalan President Appeals To U.S. & Other Countries To "respect" Central American Leaders' Wishes Deborah Tyroler
25 Train Crew Is Cleared In Injury Of Brian Willson, Protester Of U.S. Arms Shipments To Central America Deborah Tyroler
11 Salvadoran Rebels Address Peace Plan, President Duarte's Strategy, Progress Of Civil War Deborah Tyroler
23 House Committee Votes To Attach $3.5 Million In Non-military Contra Aid To Continuing Appropriations Resolution Deborah Tyroler
23 Nicaraguan Contras Release 80 Sandinista Prisoners Deborah Tyroler
16 Central American Vice Presidents Complete First Stage In Establishing Regional Parliament Deborah Tyroler
18 House Speaker & Minority Leader Reach "compromise" On Temporary Contra Aid Appropriation Deborah Tyroler
11 Note On Salvadoran Foreign Debt Deborah Tyroler
04 Summary Of Events, Iran-contra Affair Investigation, Aug. 25-sept. 1 Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua Protests Rising Number Of Airspace & Sea Lane Violations By U.S. Deborah Tyroler
18 U.S. Secretary Of Education Delivers Speech Commemorating Constitution Bicentennial In Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
30 Panama's Political Crisis: Update On Recent Events Deborah Tyroler
25 Nicaragua: Miskitos Announce Readiness To Negotiate Cease-fire Deborah Tyroler
25 Calero Says Cease-fire To Be Declared Oct. 4 After Cardinal Obando Negotiates Talks Between Contras & Sandinistas Deborah Tyroler
04 Iran-contra Affair: Summary Of Events, Aug. 9-19 Deborah Tyroler
16 Nicaragua: Ortega Pardons 16 Central Americans, Announces Oct. 5 Dialogue With Opposition Parties Deborah Tyroler