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The following articles were published in NotiCen in Jun of 1987.

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Day Title Author(s)
Day Title Author(s)
19 Costa Rican President Arias Informed Of Flaws In His Peace Plan By Reagan Deborah Tyroler
19 11 States Opposed To Cenam Policy File Suit Against Federal Government Seeking Prevention Of Guard Training Abroad Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran Rebel Spokesman: U.S. Preference For Military Option In Central America Not Viable, Policy Change Expected Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran Rebels Attack El Paraiso Garrison For Second Time In Two Months, Launch Fifth Roadblock Operation Of 1987 Deborah Tyroler
10 Miskito Indian Leaders Meet In Honduras; Considered "last- Ditch Effort" By U.S. To Create Miskito Contra Group Deborah Tyroler
17 Contras Vs. Nicaraguan Witnesses: Notes On Conflicting Evidence In Circumstances Of Benjamin Linder's Death Deborah Tyroler
17 Nicaragua: Imports Of U.S. Consumer Goods Replaced By Shipments From Socialist Bloc Deborah Tyroler
12 Notes: Iran-contra Affair Investigation, June 7-9 Deborah Tyroler
24 Notes: Iran-contra Investigation, June 18-23 Deborah Tyroler
12 Notes: Iran-contra Affair Investigation, June 4-6 Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran President Rejects Rebel Peace Proposal Deborah Tyroler
26 Nicaragua: Note On Contra Attack In Leon Department Deborah Tyroler
24 Honduras Uneasy About U.S. Central America Policy In Wake Of Iran-contra Affair Deborah Tyroler
19 Guatemala: Note On Recent Political Murders & Disappearances Deborah Tyroler
10 Guatemalan Government Invites Rebel Party To Join Political Process Deborah Tyroler
10 Nicaraguan President Announces New Economic Restrictions Deborah Tyroler
19 403 Pages Of House & Senate Debate On Boland Amendment Published In Congressional Record Deborah Tyroler
10 Mexican Political Establishment & Right-wing Opposition Exchange Accusations On Links With U.S. Contra Aid Groups Deborah Tyroler
17 Civil Strife, Death Squad Activities Return To El Salvador Deborah Tyroler
19 El Salvador: Death Squad Warns 14 To Leave Country In 48 Hours Deborah Tyroler
24 Notes: Iran-contra Affair Investigation, June 15-17 Deborah Tyroler
24 White House To Expand Contra Promotion Effort Deborah Tyroler
24 Summary: Diplomatic Efforts Underway To Salvage Central American Summit Deborah Tyroler
03 Notes On Fighting In Northern Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
24 Panamanian Government Orders Indefinite Extension Of State Of Emergency Deborah Tyroler
24 El Salvador: Violence Against Civilians Increases Deborah Tyroler
12 Interior Minister Says Sandinistas Will "eradicate" Contras From Nicaragua In 1988 Deborah Tyroler
24 Latin American Oil Suppliers To Resume Shipments To Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
03 Statement By David Linder, Father Of Benjamin Linder, First Us Volunteer Killed By Nicaraguan Contras Deborah Tyroler
17 Note On Fighting In Northern Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
03 300 Contras Attack Village & Military Installation In Northern Nicaragua Deborah Tyroler
10 Panama: Retired Chief Of Staff Creates Political Crisis, Links Noriega To Electoral Fraud, Murders Deborah Tyroler
26 Panama: Gen. Noriega On Defensive; House Resolution On U.S. Position Deborah Tyroler
24 Recap On Conflicting Reports Surrounding Contra Plane Crash In Honduras Deborah Tyroler
03 Former Contra Commander Eden Pastora Claims Vice President Bush Directly Involved In Contra Supply Operation Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaragua: Contras Down Helicopter, Killing Three-man Crew Deborah Tyroler
17 Notes On Political Turmoil In Panama: June 11-14 Deborah Tyroler
03 Salvadoran Chief Of Staff: Not Concerned Over Military Situation, Denies Involvement In Contra Supply Operation Deborah Tyroler
19 Nicaraguan Miskito Indians Opposed To Sandinistas Agree To Unify With Main Contra Army Deborah Tyroler
26 Summary: Diplomacy To Salvage Central American Summit; Nicaraguan President Will Participate In August Meeting Deborah Tyroler
05 Notes: Iran-contra Affair Investigation, June 2-4 Deborah Tyroler
03 Notes: Iran-contra Affair Investigations, May 28-may 29 Deborah Tyroler
19 Central American Leaders Discuss Rescheduling Of Summit Meeting Deborah Tyroler
17 Central American Summit Scheduled For Late June In Guatemala Likely Postponed Deborah Tyroler
10 Honduran Government Prohibits High-level Contra Meetings On National Territory Deborah Tyroler
19 Guatemala: Mutual Support Group Says 560 Persons Killed Or Disappeared During Cerezo's First Year In Office Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaraguan Contras Continue Kidnapping As Recruitment Technique Deborah Tyroler
24 Nicaraguan Authorities Arrest Three Members Of Opposition Party Participants In Anti-draft Demonstration Deborah Tyroler
19 Notes: Recent Developments In Panamanian Political Conflict Deborah Tyroler
05 Sale Of 12 F-5 Jet Fighters To Honduras Will Proceed; House Fails To Adopt Resolution Opposing Sale Deborah Tyroler
19 Contra Aircraft Downed By Sandinistas; Nicaraguan Government Identifies Three-man Crew Deborah Tyroler
12 Panama Under State Of Emergency, Result Of Continued Violent Protest Against Noriega, Government Deborah Tyroler
03 Dispute Between Nicaraguan Contras' Human Rights Organization & Military Commanders Deborah Tyroler
17 El Salvador: More Rebel Casualties To Be Evacuated For Medical Treatment Abroad Deborah Tyroler
17 Guatemalan Rebels Stage New Attacks Deborah Tyroler
03 Notes: Iran-contra Affair Investigation, June 1 Deborah Tyroler