LADB features three weekly electronic publications: NotiCen, NotiSur, and SourceMex, and a fully searchable Archive of over 28,000 articles on a variety of Latin American issues.

  • NotiCen: Reports on Central America and the Caribbean, including Cuba.
  • NotiSur: Covers South American affairs.
  • SourceMex: Focuses on Mexican issues including matters related to the U.S. - Mexico border and bilateral relations.
  • Archive: Includes articles since 1986 for NotiCen and NotiSur, and from 1990 for SourceMex. You can perform searches by author, keywords and/or dates.

We publish 138 issues per year (46 per publication). Our subscription packages are tailored to different needs. You may subscribe to any combination of the publications, and may opt to also include the Archive. Visit our subscriptions page for more information.

Current Issues

Costa Rica’s Second Archbishop, a Social Reformer, Proposed for Beatification
U.S. Lawmakers Again Threaten Sanctions against Nicaragua

Flooding and Mudslides Reveal Peru’s Failure to Prepare for Extreme Weather
Demobilization Process Slow to Advance in Colombia

Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies Unanimously Approves Major Anti-Torture Initiative
Mexico Views Expanded EU Accord, TPP as Possible Alternatives to NAFTA