Educational Services

We complement our publication service with resources for instruction and research:

News in the Classroom

Written by LAII staff, News in the Classroom modules bring critical discussion of Latin American current events into the classroom, and encourages the development of literacy skills. Each module is based upon an LADB article.

NotiEn Archive

NotiEn, a publication funded by a grant of the Department of Education, is now an archive that provides free news articles that analyze and digest relevant and contemporary information on energy, alternative energy and energy policies in Latin America. The first volume provides a review of 13 years of renewable energy and other important energy dialogue in Latin America, while the second offers a more recent perspective on energy matters in the region.

Educational Services for K-12 teachers

Being part of the Latin American and Iberian Institute (LAII), the LADB also supports the Institute’s mission of creating a stimulating and supportive environment for K-12 teachers so that they can produce, enhance, and expand knowledge of Latin America within their classrooms.

As such, LABD provides no-cost subscriptions for K-12 teachers across the United States. Visit our subscriptions page to learn more. You may also find information on workshops and additional resources for teachers in the K-12 section of the LAII website.