Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact us if you have additional questions at We will do our best to reply to your questions as quickly as possible.

About Logging In

How do I login to LADB?
If you're accessing LADB from on campus, you shouldn't need to login at all. However, if you're accessing LADB from off-campus, ask us to create an Affiliated User account for you. Pending approval by your organization's authorized contact, we will provide you an individual account which will afford you access to your organization's resources.

I've got an individual account. How do I login?
Individual account holders must login using this address:

I'm on campus, but I can't access full-text and PDF versions of the articles.
If you're on campus and encounter this, please contact the person authorized to maintain your organization's LADB subscriptions. If you do not know who that is, contact us at or use our Contact form. Incomplete access can be the result of many things: an expired subscription, outdated IP address ranges, etc.

Technical Requirements & Tips

Please note that cookies must be enabled in order to access LADB.
Please make sure that is listed in your trusted sites.

Can I integrate searches of LADB into other tools?
Yes. LADB is designed to allow third-party search utilities to search all LADB content. For more information, please send an email detailing intended use and use cases to

What browsers and operating systems are supported or required to use LADB?
You can access LADB with any web browser. Firefox 7.x (or later) and Internet Explorer 7 (or later) are the preferred supported platforms. Although we do our best to make sure LADB is accessible and compatible, given the number of browsers and standards on the market, you may encounter issues with less commonly used browsers. If this happens, please contact us at

Please note that LADB does not provide technical support for individual users; however, technical support personnel resolving issues are welcome to contact LADB's technical team by using the Contact form.

Do I need additional software to use LADB? What software do you recommended I use with LADB?
Mac OS X has a built-in program to view PDFs; other operating systems may required the installation of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat reader. We recommend Acrobat version 8 or later. Earlier versions are not supported. We encourage our users to access LADB using Firefox 7.x or later.