Editorial Team

Our editorial team includes professional journalists in Latin America that produce weekly articles in English highlighting key developments in the region on a variety of topics. We cover political, economic, environmental, social and energy matters, human rights issues, and inter-American affairs, among others.


Carlos M. Navarro, Managing Editor and Writer

A veteran journalist specializing in trade, economics and politics, Carlos has covered Mexico for the LADB for two decades. Prior to that, he worked as an editor for Commodity News Services/ Knight-Ridder Financial News in Kansas City and as freelance writer, specializing in business and international trade along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ileana Oroza, Copy Editor

Ileana has been a journalism lecturer at the University of Miami School of Communication since 2000. For the previous 22 years, she was on the staff of The Miami Herald, where she served as assistant managing editor, foreign editor and arts and entertainment editor. She began her Herald career at El Herald, the Spanish language daily, where she was city editor, features editor and general assignment reporter.

Elsa Chanduví Jaña, Assignment Editor

A Peruvian editor and writer, Elsa is the managing editor of the Lima-based Noticias Aliadas and Latinamerica Press. She coordinates the contributions of South and Central American and Caribbean LADB writers, and covers and writes on Peru.


Lindajoy Fenley

A journalist who reported from Mexico from 1988 to 2000, she now travels to that country from Sonoma County, California. She is a contributing editor at www.chicosol.org and guides Dos Tradiciones, AC, a Mexican non-profit she founded to support traditional music. Her past work in journalism includes staff positions on newspapers in California and Central America and contributions to magazines and wire services including Knight Ridder Financial News and the Associated Press.

Andrés Gaudín (pen name)

An Uruguayan journalist, Andrés lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among the publications for which he writes are Noticias Aliasas and Latinamerica Press in Lima, Peru; Africa 21; and the Argentine publications Veintitres, Chacra, and Acción.

Crosby Girón

A Guatemalan journalist and author. He has worked as director of Inforpress Centroamericana magazine (2007-2010) and he currently writes for a number of digital publications including Albedrio.org(external link) and Publicogt.com (external link). He also writes a weekly column for La Noticia newspaper. He has published short stories and poetry in several Guatemalan literary magazines. He is the author of El Hijo del Ángel y Otros Relatos (Son of an Angel and other stories).

Johanna Marris

A British writer and editor, Johanna is based in London and worked for 6 years in Chile and Mexico. She has an MA in Latin American studies from the University of London and has written political analysis and features on Latin America for BNamericas, as well as editing news, academic articles and business publications from the region.

Gregory Scruggs

Gregory Scruggs is a US freelance writer currently living in Brooklyn where he is pursuing a Master of Arts in Regional Studies of Latin America and the Caribbean at Columbia University. From 2010-2012 he lived in Rio de Janeiro, chiefly as a Fulbright study/research grant recipient. He has written about Latin America and the Caribbean for Next City, The Cluster Mag, Spannered, MTV Iggy, and ReVista: The Harvard Review of Latin America.

Louisa Reynolds

A British journalist based in Guatemala City, Louisa is a former editor of Central America Report, the English-language sister publication of Inforpress Centroamericana. Inforpress is a weekly current affairs and analysis magazine with a region-wide coverage. She currently writes for the Guatemalan newspaper El Periódico and is a regular contributor to Noticias Aliadas and Latinamerica Press in Lima, Peru.

George Rodríguez

A U.S. journalist presently based in Costa Rica, George is a former Reuters editor and correspondent and the Inter Press Service (IPS). George has covered events in South America, Central America, Europe, and West Africa. He is now the NotiCen correspondent in Costa Rica.

Luis Ángel Saavedra

An Ecuadoran social communicator, Luis is an analyst in Latin American geopolitics, particularly militarization, access to strategic resources, and their effects upon indigenous communities. He has published many research papers, the latest an analysis on the U.S. military base at Manta. (http://www.inredh.org/archivos/manta.pdf)(external link)

Daniel Vázquez (pen name)

A Cuban-American journalist based in the United States, Daniel has lived in Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, where he wrote for news agencies and magazines. Since 2002 he has been a contributor to Noticias Aliadas and Latinamerica Press. He received scholarships from UNESCO and MUTIS Program, and completed a Master of Arts Degree at the Latin American Integration Institute at the National University of La Plata, Argentina. Among his published works are three books containing interviews and testimonies of Latin-American intellectuals and a compilation of testimonies about the Cuban diaspora.

Benjamin Witte-Lebhar

A US-Canadian journalist formerly based in Montpellier, France, Benjamin is a former editor of The Santiago Times. Benjamin now edits and writes for The Patagonia Times, an English-language news site focused on southern Chile. He is also an occasional contributor to Noticias Aliadas and Latinamerica Press in Lima, Peru.